Active Learning Programme

Here’s just a small taste of our Active Learning Programme that took place last week. A big well done to all of our KS3 students that were involved, we’re looking forward to hearing more about your trips and visits. 

Please visit our Twitter page for more information and photos from the week!

What our students said:

“The first thing we did was go to the Harry Potter studios. The minute I walked in to the building, it struck me – the whole cast would have walked around this set for ten years. As we walked through the glorious building we were amazed by all the props that were used in the movie. After that we went to the London Dungeons which sent a shiver down my spine!”

 “My active learning week was really fun. I loved Harry Potter Studios because we got to see the props that were actually used in the film. It demonstrated how the film was made and there was lots to see and do. The London Dungeons were fun and heart racing. The day we spent in Stratford was also a great learning experience.”

“A brilliant week of drama and performing arts fun including: stage makeup, a theatre tour, a dance workshop, costumes and a visit to the RSC in Stratford.”

“A really good a chance to make new friends, meet new people and try new things.”

“All amazing, especially Stratford!”

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Please click here to view the brochure for the 2016 Active Learning Programme

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