At Redmoor Academy, Art and Design occupies a unique position in relation to other curriculum areas. We aim to provide the highest quality provision for our pupils by pursuing the following aims:-

• To maximise the success of every pupil in terms of achievement in Art.
• To provide pupils with the opportunities to develop qualities of independence, expression and motivation to succeed through a range of Art activities.
• To provide pupils with the skills and knowledge to make informed decisions.
• To provide an Art curriculum that gives access to a wide range of techniques and processes, that allows and values individuals’ expression and that provides flexibility for individual development.
• To provide a safe and stimulating environment.

Within the Department, pupils at Key Stage 3 will develop:

• A broad understanding of the meaning, importance and contribution of Art, crafts and design in the multi-racial world of today, and in the culture of the past.
• An understanding of the skills essential to the construction of visual and spatial works.
• Visual literacy – the confidence and capability to express and understand visual imagery.
• Personal expression, using exploration, research and recording.
• The ability to discuss and make evaluative statements, written and orally.
• Skills in the handling of a wide and varied range of techniques and media.
• A respect for their work environment, their own work and that of others.