Controlled Asssessments (60% of final grade)

Programming Project worth 30% of the final grade consisting of a series of programming tasks that need to be completed and written up in a structured way
Practical Investigation where students are expected to complete an independent investigation in a specific area of Computing. This years project consists of students investigation HTML and JavaScript – both web based technologies

Examination (40% of final grade) 1.5hrs
Examination covers theory elements of both programming and web based technologies alongside binary and hexadecimal maths, computer hardware, computer networking and computer law.

Students have access to our class pages on Google Classroom. Parents can also access these by downloading the app or going to and giving an email address. The class page shows many classroom tasks and deadlines and contains advice and useful attachments such as all the teaching materials used in class for each topic.

Other useful revision materials are: – a website for creating revision cards and playing some revision games to improve basic knowledge recall. Students should search for MrMoore64

Teach ICT –
contains a definitive list of the topics studied in theory and again contains some revision games that students can play to improve basic knowledge recall.

Pearson Hodder revision guides can be purchased for GCSE Computing (A451) that contains theory and activities that would help greatly in studying the course for revision.

Students should also take a general interest in current affairs and emerging technology as these can appear in the exam. A great place to start would be