redmoor_proofs_010715-1440The increasing use of technology in all aspects of society makes confident, creative and productive use of computers an essential skill for life. Computing encompasses not only the mastery of tech-nical skills and techniques, but also the understanding to apply these skills purposefully, safely and responsibly in learning, everyday life and employment. A capability in computing is fundamental to participation and engagement in modern society.

Children are assessed against three strands:

• Their ability to plan, edit and evaluate their work taking into account the target audience and how technology affects themselves and others;

• How well they can handle and structure data, including answering questions about the data and what it shows and putting together sequences of instructions to simulate other environments;

• Their level of competence to find and evaluate the credibility of information and to be able to pre-sent it clearly and accurately to a given audience.

The Computing curriculum at Redmoor provides pupils with the opportunity to develop their skills and confidence in all aspects of Computing. The topics are relevant and appeal to all pupils and meet the needs of all abilities.

The Topics

Year 7

• Building web pages

• Communication and E-Safety

• Using standard office software

• Computer game programming

• Digital image editing

• Sound recording editing

Year 8

• Computer game programming

• 3d modelling

• Spreadsheet modelling

• Programming computer animations

• Multimedia presentations

• “Interactive fiction” games

Year 9

• Cryptography and online security

• Designing and programming computer games

• Python programming

• Cross-topic projects, including a theme park and a coffee shop start-up