Design Technology

 unnamed-4The Design and Technology Department at Redmoor is going through great changes as we have recently changed our GCSE courses, meaning the KS3 curriculum is now tailored to enhance creativity, develop practical skills and encourage independent learning.

The department aims to provide the highest quality provision for its pupils by pursuing the following aims:

• To maximise the success of every pupil in terms of achievement in DT.
• To provide pupils with the opportunities to develop qualities of independence, expression and motivation to succeed through a range of D&T activities.
• To provide pupils with the skills and knowledge to make informed choice.
• To provide a curriculum that gives access to a wide range of techniques and processes and flexibility for individual development.
• To provide a safe, healthy and stimulating environment.


We take Design and Technology to be a broad term, which covers the subject areas at KS3 of:

• Three Dimensional Design
• Food Technology
• Graphic Communication/Products
• Information Technology
• Textiles Technology
• Electronics and Control Technology
• Computer Aided Manufacture
• Computer Aided Design

Students are assessed on four areas. They are awarded marks for their research, design ideas, testing and prototyping and their final practical piece.

Students are given opportunities to assess each other’s work.

Pathway Tracker sheets are used by the Department to track progress and final attitude to learning and progress is assessed at the end of each module using each student’s pathway information.