Drama at Redmoor is taught to every pupil at KS3 as a separate foundation subject. The purpose of that is two-fold, firstly to teach skills specific to the subject in its own right and secondly to enrich the pupils’ learning in other subjects, by linking what is being taught in Drama with other subjects across the curriculum.

Drama aims to develop many skills which will enhance not only pupils’ learning but also life skills. Drama can significantly improve pupils’:
• Communication
• Ability to Speak in Public
• Speaking & Listening skills
• Teamwork
• Trust
• Confidence
• Understanding/Empathy
• Creativity & Innovation
• Exploration
• Imagination
• Collaboration

In order to achieve this, the subject criteria for KS3 Drama focus on three main areas.
• Devising
• Performing
• Responding
Drama automatically gets pupils to think while they’re creating (devising); take risks when performing, and, reflect when responding to performance; all of which are important when learning, exploring or understanding new things.

In order to support learning in other subjects, the schemes of work are continually rewritten, following consultation with other subjects, to enable us to make the most of valuable cross-curricular links. Drama also provides opportunities to explore and understand culture and diversity as well as opportunity through role-play to explore issues that are relevant to them as young people, which may have a bearing on their place in the world. For example bullying, prejudice, relationships and justice can all be examined in dramatic ways that allow a multitude of attitudes and views to be investigated. By immersing themselves in characters and situations that may be unfamiliar or even alien to them, it is possible for pupils’ own points of view to be both developed, challenged and changed.