Exam Guidance

Centre Number 25308

Examination Guidance to Candidates 2017

This is to inform you of what you are required to do during the exam period

You will receive

  • A FINAL entry statement and timetable showing your exam entries, times and dates. If you have any queries you MUST go and see the Exams Officer as soon as possible.


(Replacements can be purchased from the Exams Office, but won’t be available on the day of the exam.)

Before the exams

  • Find out your seat number and room. Seating plans and seat lists will be displayed in the Gallery the week before.
  • Make sure you have all the equipment you need. Two black pens, a pencil, a ruler, a rubber, a sharpener, a calculator (if allowed), a protractor, a compass, coloured pencils all in a clear plastic pencil case.

On the day of your exams

  • Assemble at specified areas for your exam room at 8:45am or 1:15pm.
  • You must wear full school uniform.

Bring with you – Your entry statement, and the necessary equipment required for the exam.

DO NOT BRING – Mobile phones, watches of any kind, dictionaries, bags or coats.

Redmoor Academy will not accept responsibility for personal property

During your exam

  • You will be asked to show your entry statement as you go into the exam room.
  • Once in the exam room, you are under exam conditions so NO TALKING.
  • Unauthorised material must be handed into an Invigilator.
  • You may bring in a water bottle in the exam as long as all labels are removed.
  • If you need assistance, put your hand up and wait for an Invigilator.
  • Make sure you complete the details on the front of your exam paper i.e. centre number 25308, candidate number and your name.
  • Keep your eyes on your work or the front of the exam room.
  • Use ONLY black pen

Use of calculators

  • You must not share or borrow another candidate’s calculator once the exam has started.
  • You must ensure that your calculator and its power source is working properly.
  • Your calculator must be completely silent when in use.
  • Instructions for the use of the calculator must not be taken into the exam.
  • Information and/or programs stored in the calculator must be cleared before the exams. Retrieval of information and/or programs during the exam is not allowed.

After your exam

  • When you have finished, wait quietly. Do not disturb others.
  • Wait patiently whilst the exam papers are collected and checked.
  • When directed, place your chair under the desk and leave the room in silence.
  • Do not linger outside the exam room, as you will disturb others in exams in nearby rooms.

What happens if:

  • I’m late for my exam – Report to reception immediately
  • I am ill – Report to reception or telephone Ms Sinclair (the Exams Officer) before the exam. A medical note will be required.
  • I accidently missed my exam – Unfortunately you won’t be able to re-sit it.
  • I have a uniform problem – Report to the hub.


You will be charged for the exam if you fail to attend or complete the controlled assessment. The only exception to this is if your absence is on medical grounds, in which case you must provide a doctor’s certificate dated for the day of the exam. This must be handed to the Exams Officer within 5 working days of the exam. Redmoor Academy cannot pay any charges requested by your doctor.

Results Day

  • Results will be available from 9am to 12pm in the Hall on Thursday 25th August.
  • If you are unable to collect your results, they will be posted to your home address. You need to double check we have your correct postal address.


  • Exam certificates confirming your results will be available from the Exams Officer from the first week in November. You will be asked for proof of identity when you collect your certificates.

Further information

  • Further guidance about exams can be found in the Exams Handbook which will be available on our website.


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