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Celebrating our success and achievements whilst keeping you up to date on upcoming events at Redmoor Academy

Year 10 participate in ‘Live Chat’ with I’m a Medic

Some of our year 10 triple biology students participated in a live chat with ‘I’m a medic’ in which they were given the opportunity to ask questions to experts in the medical sector.  To prepare for this students spent a lesson looking into the NHS and the types of care given.  Students really enjoyed the session and asked some great questions. They will now have a chance of winning a prize for the most involved participant….fingers crossed!



John Tomlinson

In memory of John Tomlinson, our Year 9 student who tragically passed away earlier this year, Year 9 students and staff gathered at the front of school on Thursday 15th June. John, along with his family, was a huge steam engine enthusiast, rebuilding, maintaining and enjoying engines and their trailers. On their way to an annual rally, John’s family kindly diverted their route to travel past Redmoor where they were greeted with a rapturous round of applause in memory of John.

John will always be in our hearts as part of the Redmoor family and, alongside students, we are currently planning a memorial in school for John.



A Letter from the Principal 

Dear Parents and Carers,

During last term I informed Mr Alan Boak, Chair of the Governing Body and other Trust Members of my intention to retire as Principal of Redmoor Academy.

It was my original intention to retire having reached a certain age two years ago. However, this was at the beginning of the process to transform Redmoor into an 11 -16 Secondary school and I was persuaded to delay my retirement to lead the school during that development. That work is now complete and I leave Redmoor Academy confident that it is still an exceptionally high performing school still striving to meet the needs of every individual student.

The school is now a fully developed 11 -16 school; we have excellent staff with extensive GCSE experience, we have retained the best of the KS3 curriculum whilst developing an extensive KS4 programme; the school continues to be amongst the most oversubscribed in the county and much of our ambitious improvements to the site has come to fruition. Now is the time to hand over the leadership of the school to others who, will continue to develop and improve our provision in the interest of all students.

Read More

pd1Year 11 Product Design Coursework

Well done to all of the students that completed their Product Design coursework this term. You’ve completed some fantastic folder work, supported by skilfully made and high quality practical pieces. The theme this year was ‘Wild Things’, students were introduced to a brief encouraging them to investigate how products can be designed using time tested patterns, structures and functions found in the natural world. There was so much creativity whilst the students developed their ideas, with no two the same. Inspiration came from bee hives, the human rib cage and even insect wings. Amazing work Year 11!



Screen Shot 2016-09-25 at 09.05.38REC Residential Trips

There is an important meeting for students that are going on a residential trip this year for REC. All parents and carers are invited to attend on 7th June at Redmoor beginning at 6.30pm, information will be given out about the week and you will have a chance to meet staff attending the trips. There will also be the opportunity to have any questions answered. Students will receive a letter with further information about the evening the week commencing 15th May. We look forward to meeting so many of you in preparation for this exciting week.




busi (1)Year 10 Business Interviews

On Friday 12th May, our Year 10s had their business interviews with members of the local business community. The aim of the day was to prepare the students for the challenges ahead, including work experience, college applications and interviews. Altogether, 155 students were interviewed. Despite initial nerves and fears, it was a really positive event, with each student emerging with a big grin on their face. Near the end of term, certificates will be awarded to Star Interviewees, however everyone involved should feel really proud of themselves.


IMG_9711 (1)Joules Volunteers ‘Dig Deep’ for Redmoor!

Last month we were lucky enough to have seventeen volunteers from the Leicestershire lifestyle brand Joules spend a day at Redmoor clearing an overgrown garden ready for it to be developed into a student friendly lunchtime area eating zone.

The team of Joules staff were on a Team Challenge organised by the business and community charity ‘Leicestershire Cares’. The Joules team, led by Jane Barney, got “stuck in” to clearing the area over many hours to increase the facilities available to students in response to a very high demand for places at the school.


The Joules volunteers worked incredibly hard and there were so many of them that they have achieved a huge amount in just one day. We couldn’t believe the difference they made – it’s a real ‘before’ and ‘after’ transformation. Staff and students have said it is amazing.

Our students were on hand during each lesson period to help look after the equipment and keep the tea and coffee flowing. Students said: “They were very nice people and were grateful for the snacks and drinks we provided.  It’s so nice to see people willing to help improve our community and the school.

The next activity planned for Redmoor Academy will see volunteers from National Grid descend for a day to lend a hand. Sarah Green, community development manager at Leicestershire Cares, said: “The Joules team achieved an incredible amount. It is a great example of the difference business volunteering can make when so much energy is put into a project which will benefit thousands of students in the years to come.”

BeFunky Collage (2)Launch of the Roman Project

Redmoor Academy’s Footprints on the Fosseway project was established to allow students the opportunity to explore the Roman history of the school’s catchment area. This was done through a variety of activities in conjunction with the local Hinckley Museum and the Hinckley Archaeological Society.

Research towards the project was undertaken by students at the local museum, at the Jewry wall in Leicester, and by attendance at various talks by Roman experts. The project was launched before the whole school in an assembly in which ghosts of Roman citizens appeared and shared their stories!

All students involved have worked incredibly hard and we’re so proud of everything they’ve managed to achieve over the past year – their work is now being displayed at The Atkins Gallery in Hinckley. There is also an interview with the students on Radio Leicester, Saturday morning (6th May) which will also be available on the BBC iplayer for 28 days.

We’d also like to say a big thank you to Mr Roberts, Mr Jarvis and Mr Luck who have all worked so hard to ensure that the project was a huge success.

To find out more and to watch this exciting project from start to finish, please click here

IMG_3254 (1)Multi Faith Day

On the 5th April, Redmoor Academy were proud the host the Religion and Belief Roadshow. The day enabled the students to interact with representatives of different faiths. They asked questions, investigated artefacts, tried different food and had the opportunity to wear clothes form different cultures. At the end of the day, all members of the school were asked to sign a pledge showing their support for positive inter-faith relations and their respect for all members of the community.

Riaz Ravat, deputy director of the St Phillip’s Centre who run the roadshow said , ” the roadshows takes the form of a fun festival and is a vital ingredient in helping to broaden the perspectives of children. Symbolically it also shows them that people of different faiths and beliefs can work together to help build peace and harmony”
The day was a great success, with very positive feedback from our students. The St Phillip’s Centre were very complimentary about Redmoor pupils,  saying they were the best they had worked with. We look forward to continuing our positive work with all members of the community.

Screen Shot 2017-04-16 at 18.01.30Students Visit the Big Bang Fair

Please click here to see a video about their exciting trip to the National Big Bang Fair this year!






IMG_9696 (1)New PE Kit September 2017

After consultation with our students, we are pleased to say that we are updating our school PE kit from September 2017.

Year 7 students joining us in September will have this kit as part of their new uniform. Students presently at Redmoor do not have to purchase the new PE uniform unless they want to or need to replace their existing kit.

Should you wish to purchase the new uniform for your child it will be available from our stockists at Hole in the Wall or Swifts from Monday 10th April 2017. Full details of the new kit can be found here.



image1-2Art at Redmoor

Stunning work created by our KS3 and KS4 students this month, it just gets better and better! Please visit our Art twitter page @ArtRedmoor to see more of our student’s work.







IMG_9682Going to Extremes

On Thursday 6th April, all year 10 students watched “Going Extremes”, a new drama production. This successful and powerful play was developed out of a growing need to raise awareness around how extremism and radicalisation can affect young people in the UK. The students enjoyed the play and felt better equipped to protect themselves from radicalism after watching the production.




Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 18.34.13Year 11 Leavers Ball

We’d like to invite all of our year 11 students to our very first ‘Leavers Ball’. Being the first cohort to sit their GCSEs at Redmoor, we appreciate the hard work and effort that our students are putting into their last year. To celebrate that hard work, the Leavers Ball will be held at Bosworth Hall on Friday 7th July from 6.30pm. Tickets are available to purchase via ParentPay.





Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 18.21.29Geography Field Trip

Year 10 Geography students have been on their first field trip of their GCSE course this week. As part of the syllabus, students are required to carry out two separate pieces of field work, one human and one physical. With an early start on Tuesday and Friday, we made the two hour journey to Cardingmill Valley in Church Stretton, Shropshire. The aim of the study was to collect data from the river that can be used back in the classroom and to practise fieldwork techniques. This included measuring the cross profile of the river, its velocity and sampling stones and rocks from the river bed. The students also got the chance to walk along the river valley and find it’s source. We will now use the data to practise graphing techniques and discuss and evaluate our findings. The students were all excellent and really enjoyed their river study day.

unnamed-104The Play that Goes Wrong

Last Tuesday a group of 50 excited Year 10 and 11 students visited the Curve theatre in Leicester to see a performance of the award-winning comedy The Play that Goes Wrong.  It was a laughter-filled evening, with the fun starting prior to curtains up, as the ‘stagehand’ began searching the theatre for an actor who had gone walkabout…a dog.  One of our students was then auditioned for the part, and, following some successful barking, was put on stand-by in case the missing pooch could not be found.  The trip was organised to enrich the cultural opportunities available to our students and to provide a much-needed break for our hard-working Year 11s as they prepare for their upcoming GCSEs.




Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 18.18.16Physics Competition

On Thursday 23rd March, 3 year 8 students took part in a physics inter-school competition run by the Ogden Trust. The competition took place at the Abbey Pumping Station in Leicester, and the quiz consisted of many rounds; including a complicated calculation round and a round of dingbats.

To choose the team to enter this competition, we picked the winning team from a quiz that was put on at Christmas for all year 8’s. The winners were Amie Hassall, Libby Parish and Hannah Hudson. The girls did really well on the night and came joint third in the competition, receiving a certificate and a prize for taking part.

IMG_9526Operating Live

As part of national science week we held an event for 60 key stage 3 students called ‘operating theatre live’.  The students had great fun becoming surgeons for the day. During the day they had the opportunity to preparing a patient for theatre, remove and examine an animal brain and eyeball, get hands on with the respiratory system, dissect a heart and observe a whole digestive system.
Once again the students were fantastic and got really stuck in! Well done Redmoor!

unnamed-12Netball at Redmoor 

Year 7 & 8 netball teams from Redmoor took part in local club Hinckley Ladies, School’s Invitational Tournament on Sunday 19th March. Schools from the area took part in a round robin tournament with excellent play from all involved. The year 7 team unfortunately had 6 players but this did not dampen spirits and they showed excellent determination on court. The year 8 students played extremely well and club coaches complimented both teams play. Many thanks go to Hinckley Ladies Netball Club for organising a great event and thanks to parents for your continued support.
A number of Redmoor students take part in netball at Hinckley Ladies Netball club. Junior training (u14 and u16) takes place on Wednesday evening 6.30-7.30 pm at the Leicester Road ground and the first session is free. More information on the club can be found at
Overall, Year 7 came 4th and Year 8 came 3rd – a big well done to the girls!

Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 14.12.47‘Science Made Simple’ visits Redmoor Academy

Have you ever wondered how people balance, and what makes them fall over? Or how friction is useful in sport and how do we use science to protect us from injury?

Well, the Science of Sport show, presented by Ruth Perkins, answered all those questions in a truly incredible performance. Ruth had our students involved in catching water balloons, throwing Frisbees, balancing corks on their noses, and she even had the staff sitting on a seat of 600 nails! 

As this show was part of an inter school event, two visiting schools came to one of the sessions; and our students were impeccable – so well done Redmoor, you made us very proud!


IMG_9584Live Theatre comes to Redmoor

To enhance their understanding of the GCSE text they have been studying, An Inspector Calls, on Friday morning a theatre company came into Redmoor to perform the play for all of Year 9. The production gave students the opportunity to hear and see the lines they are becoming familiar with being performed and to see different representations of the characters they have formed strong opinions on. The performance was particularly interesting and effective because it comprised of only three actors; this really gave students an insight into how successful characterisation can be.
Following the production, the actors stayed for a Q&A session with all the students. There were some excellent, thoughtful questions from our students which not only demonstrated their engagement in the production but also their keen interest in the GCSE text.

redmoor_edits_160916-1047STEM Update

We have lots of exciting activities and events during the next half term.  These include

Science Ambassadors: On March 7th we will be taking ten year 9 students to the University of Leicester to attend an Institute of Physics training session involving  team work, problem solving and communication skills.  

Go 4 Set: On March 9th six of our year 9 students will attend a launch event at the learning centre in Birmingham airport.  The students will be introduced to their mentor, given a project title and begin to work on their 10 week project.  

Science week 10th – 19th March: During national science week we will be hosting the operating theatre live workshop and the science of sport show. There will also be a trip to the big bang fair, held at the NEC and throughout the week we will have a range of science related starters for all year groups and a lunch time science quiz.

CREST projects: We have just started our CREST projects, the two year 7 groups involved have developed questions which they will be investigation.  The questions are ‘do ants have a personality?’ and ‘what is the perfect cuppa?’ we hope to show these projects at the local Big bang fair in June.

unnamed-102Amazing Artwork

Yet again, stunning work that has been produced by our talented students – well done!






unnamed (1)VEX IQ Competition

On Friday 3rd February 2 teams of year 8 students competed in the VEX Robotics Regional Competition at Princethorpe College in Rugby.
The day consisted of 2 separate challenges; Skills and Teamwork. The ‘Redbots’ team were narrowly beaten into second place in the skills challenge by 1 point after they had scored a massive 33 points.
Both Redbots teams performed fantastically in the teamwork challenge and finished 4th and 5th overall. This was a great achievement for their first competition.
The teams are looking to build on their success in the next competition.

Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 12.09.40Multi Faith Day

On Wednesday 5 April 2017 the St Philip’s Centre, Leicester will be hosting a Multi Faith Day at Redmoor. There will be interactive sessions throughout the day which will engage students on matters of religion and belief by enabling them to ask questions and learn through creative means including the use of artefacts, displays, music and other learning items. There will also be faith stalls with artefacts on display as well as clothing and food tents as well as demonstrations and sampling of cultural/ faith-based musical instruments. It is set to be a fantastic event for our students – more information to follow.



redmoor_proofs_010715-1368-2Last Thursday we held our parent/carer evening for year 10 students. Here are some of the overwhelmingly positive comments left by parents on the questionnaires that we supply during the evening:

“Delighted with the school and our son’s progress!”
“Excellent school, amazing teachers!”
“My son is happy and has been helped a lot. Thanks!”
“A very helpful night”
“My daughter has come on leaps and bounds since starting Redmoor. She really enjoys school and is very happy with her option choices. Great teachers! Thank you.”
“We love Redmoor, thank you!”
“I’m consistently impressed with the high standard of education that my son receives at the school”

Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 15.32.55Exciting Opportunity for KS3 Students

On March 15th we will be running a full day event with operating theatre live.  This is a hands on event set in a mobile operating theatre within the school.  Students will have the opportunity to watch and carry out a number of dissections, perform a heart transplant and much more on the life size ‘patient’ assigned to them. This event will include workshops on: the GI tract, the nervous system, the cardiovascular system, patient care and an introduction to medicine.

The content is designed for students in KS3 who will be studying for the combined or triple science GCSE at the end of year 11. The event is open to 60 students and will cost £27, please speak to Mrs Thompson if you haven’t already received a letter.

IMG_5529Business and Enterprise Grand Opening

We are delighted to be in a position to announce the opening of our new eight classroom teaching block. The new two-storey ultra-energy efficient 655m2 “Schoolhaus” building will form the Academy’s Business and Enterprise Centre. The classrooms will mainly be used to deliver Mathematics, Business Studies and PE theory lessons. In addition there is a KS4 meeting space, toilet bock, offices and a study area for students. The CEIAG (Careers, Education, Information, Advice, and Guidance) programme and enterprise initiatives will also be provided in the new building.

It’s an exciting time for Redmoor and it’s students, click here to find out more!

CyYUKEKW8AAfLRo-2GCSE Photography Work

Brilliant work created by our year 10 students so far.

Students are currently analysing existing photographers and their work, they are then creating their own photographs in this style and the results are fantastic!





DSC05421Sports Leaders Achieve Level 1 Qualification

Congratulations to;
Joe Bricknell, Jessica Cuthbertson, Josiah Frith, Bradley Kitto, Yoana Yankova, Josh Longmuir, Joseph Palladino, Rosie Williams, Amy Bailss, Phoebie Bakewell, Caitin Brownlow, Oliver Brown, Daniell Campbell, Abbie Garner, Lily Harrison, Harry Hopkins-Tamblyn, Nicola Hubbard, Heather Johnson, Amy Mckee, Rachel Payne, Ryan Robinson, Bradley Wass, Shannon Miles-Barton and Jasmin Sprake.

Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 17.54.37Christmas Jumper Day at Redmoor

All students are invited to come to school next Friday wearing a Christmas themed jumper to raise money for the charity Save the Children. Students can decorate existing jumpers with baubles, tinsel and all things ‘Christmas!’ So whether you have a Christmas jumper or want to make your own, we ask for you to donate £1 to join in the fun. (Students must wear normal uniform with their Jumper). Tutor groups have also been set the challenge to decorate their tutor bases, let the competition begin!

Click here to find out more about Save the Children’s Christmas Jumper Day


Screen Shot 2017-01-01 at 10.42.05Christmas Carol Concert

Well done to all of the students that performed in our annual Christmas Carol Concert this term. It was a fantastic evening, with family, friends and staff having the opportunity to watch and enjoy a range of Christmas themed performances. From soloists, pianists, steel pan drummers and of course our brilliant orchestra, it was a talent packed evening, full of Christmas spirit! Here is a video of the evening




DSC04480 (1)Year 7 Basketball

We congratulate the year 7 basketball players who won their tournament last night at Green Towers. With 5 other teams involved, they started with great intent, beating Hastings convincingly 10:2 and St Martins ‘B’ 7:2. In the final pool the boys were faced with more testing opposition, beating St Martins ‘A’ 10:5 and the much taller, physical South Charnwood 5:3. A big well done to these students for their team work, effort and overall attitude whilst competing against other schools. #RedmoorPride!

Year 7 Basketball Players: Liam Warren, Ben Kennerson, Isaac Truslove, Reuben Wood, Matt Snow, Jake Walton, Josh Middleton-Moran




Screen Shot 2016-12-09 at 14.48.16BBC Studios Visit

Redmoor Academy won a challenge for at the Royal Television Society Workshop last term and as a result the students were invited for a VIP tour of the BBC East Midlands studio. The students were able to go back stage and have an insight into a carer in the television industry, as well as watching the lunchtime bulletin go live. Students had a fantastic day and thoroughly enjoyed their visit. A big thank you from Redmoor to the BBC team!




Screen Shot 2016-12-09 at 14.37.55Bah humbug? Not for Redmoor students! 

Students in Year 10 and 11 enjoyed some Christmas spirit this week with a trip to see Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol at the Albany Theatre in Coventry. The show was a great way to aid their understanding and analysis of the GCSE novel. It boasted excellent staging; a diverse cast; brilliant costumes and dialogue that stayed true to the original text. It was an all round fantastic performance!




20161204_155454 (1)Trampolining Success!

On Sunday 4th December Amy Dronfield and Reece Mansfield in Year 7 and Kate Weston in Year 10 went to Loughborough Leisure Centre to compete in the Regional East Midlands Schools Trampolining Competition. With approximately 400 students from across the region Redmoor finished with superb success. Kate Weston competed in the U19 girls intermediate class finishing in tenth place. Reece Mansfield competed in the U14 boys novice class and finished 5th out of the 28 boys in his group. Amy Dronfield competed in the the U14 girls novice class and finished 2nd out of 138 others and goes onto compete in the next round in Birmingham in February. We are very proud of the hard work and commitment these students have put in and wish Amy lots of luck in the next round!



yr 7Product Design Practical Work

Well done to the first year 7 group to complete their first ever Product Design course at Redmoor. Students were challenged to create a solution to a problem, designing and making a docking station for their most loved accessories. From phones to earrings, there were a variety of fantastic designs created. Well done to year 7, Miss Wright can’t wait to see what the new groups can do!



Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 18.19.45November Artwork

Yet again, a fantastic month in Art this term. Students are completing a number of projects from Artist Studies, Photography, Graffiti and Still Life, we are always impressed by the creative work that is produced. Well done to all of our students in Art!






IMG_6730Our new Business & Enterprise Centre on track for a Christmas completion!

Originally destined to be completed by the end of November, the new Business and Enterprise Centre has faced a few minor setbacks, but excitement is now mounting as staff and students see the building taking shape. The groundwork has been completed, the scaffolding is erected and the first modular panels will start arriving this week.

Our students have also been challenged to create a display of the building process and it is hoped that the best of these will be on display in the new reception area!

                                                                                                           Please click here to find out more about this exciting addition to Redmoor

unnamed-98 (1)Book Buzz!

At the beginning of September, every Year 7 student had the opportunity to choose a free book from a list of 12 titles from the Bookbuzz reading programme. Bookbuzz is run by Book Trust, a charity which supports schools in encouraging reading for pleasure, and funded by children’s publishers and participating schools.  After much deliberation, and sometimes several changes of mind, choices were made, orders were collated, double-checked and sent off.

There were frequent queries as to whether the books had arrived yet and it was with great excitement that the books were distributed to tutor groups on Friday. Students were keen to see what each other had chosen and eager to settle down with their chosen titles. It was great so see the reactions of the students and the interest generated by the books.

 Comments from our students:
“Quite perfect.”
“Just the right amount to read.”
“I think they were very good and we were able to pick from the bookmark.”
“A good selection from young to older reading.”
“The book I have is challenging but enjoyable.”


unnamed-97Royal Television Society Workshop

Last week a group of students participated in the Royal Television Society Midlands Centre Education Workshop which gave them an overview of careers in the television industry and an insight into the work of the RTS. Part of the day included a challenge whereby students had to create, design and then pitch their own television programme in front of producers, script writers and television presenters. Competing against 10 other schools, Redmoor Academy won the challenge and as a result have been invited for a VIP tour of the BBC East Midlands studio. The students will be back stage and will gain an insight into a carer in the television industry, as well as watching the lunchtime bulletin go live.



Screen Shot 2016-11-17 at 18.32.41Rocket Seeds

During the summer term we were lucky enough to join the rocket science experiment ran by the Royal horticultural society.  This involved a group of students growing two packages of rocket leaf seeds, one of which had been on the ISS with Tim Peake.  The aim was to compare their growth to see if the conditions of space had an effect on them. The experiment went well and we obtained some good results to input onto the national database.  

The aim was to put all findings into a national report.  Out of 8600 groups involved and over 600,000 children, one of our photographs was selected to be featured in the report.  The report will be sent to all participating groups and to Tim Peake!

The link to download the report is #STEMatRedmoor

LogoChildren in Need

We will be supporting Children in Need this Friday 18th November at Redmoor. Students are invited to wear appropriate non uniform or pyjama and onesie themed fancy dress for a donation of £1 to support this charity. Prizes will be given to the best costumes, so get creative! We managed to raise a huge £1030.42 to support Children in Need – Well done Redmoor




unnamed-95Taking Fire Safety Seriously 

Our year 7’s received a visit from Hinckley Fire Officers this morning and were given the opportunity to explore a fire engine, ask questions and receive a safety talk about the dangers of fire, fireworks and the implications that arson can have on innocent peoples lives.

All students were very enthusiastic and positive feedback was received from the fireservice who emailed Mrs Buckingham to say:

‘Just a message to say how well your children behaved today and how much we enjoyed ourselves giving the presentations to them all, your children are a credit to you and your school, we look forward to coming again next year…’ Regards, Rich Botting, Crew Manager, Day Crewing Plus, Hinckley fire station.


Screen Shot 2016-11-03 at 19.21.12Kayleigh’s Love Story

Following on from the recent screening to parents of Kayleigh’s Love Story from Leicestershire Police, we have arranged for all of our student’s to also view and be given the opportunity to discuss the film and the tragic event on:

Monday November 7th Year 8

Tuesday November 8th Year 7

Wednesday November 9th Year 9

Monday November 14th Year 10

Tuesday November 15th Year 11

The police will deliver the session with our pastoral staff available to support students. To find out more, please visit the Leicestershire Police website here.

We also would like to remind you that on Monday 7th November James Hunter will be in school offering internet safety advice to all our parents and carers. To book this free session here.

We’d like to thank our parents and carers for supporting these important safety events at Redmoor.

Screen Shot 2016-10-26 at 21.13.50Photography Homework

Year 10 Art and Photography students are currently working on their first photography projects and they have taken some brilliant photographs to go towards their first piece of coursework. We’re really impressed with the time and effort that our students are putting into their class work as well as their homework this term, the photographs showcase the talent and skills that our students hold and we’re looking forward to see some end results. Well done year 10!




Screen Shot 2016-10-26 at 21.15.33The Great Biology and Space Bake Off!

Well done to all of the students that entered the Biology and Space Week Bake Off before half term. There were some very tasty and biology and space themed cakes that were entered into the competition and the staff had a tough time judging the astounding amount of entries! We’d like to thank all of the students that took the time to bake a cake for this unique and exciting school competition ran by our Science department. Please click here to find out more about this exciting week in our STEM department.






CvtSp8EWYAATx4mArtwork at Redmoor

As ever, our students are working particularly hard this term to create pieces of spectacular artwork for their sketchbooks, creating final pieces and working towards their final controlled assessment. Our year 11 Fine Art students are working really hard and we’re looking forward to seeing their final pieces next year!





Screen Shot 2016-10-26 at 18.24.25Bronze Arts Award

Harriet Caddick has been presented with her Bronze Arts Award – enjoying the arts, the first Redmoor student to complete it. The Bronze Arts Award includes, taking part in the arts, viewing art, researching heroes/heroines of art and instructing the arts. This can be done in any art form including, dance, drama, film, art and music. Harriet’s chosen form was performing arts as she a budding actress looking at getting into college next year to study musical theatre. Harriet is also looking forward to performing in a professional pantomime at Lichfield Garrick this coming December and will be in the Concordia Youth Theatres production of Les Miserable next year.


Shakespeare Schools Festival

Tuesday 11th October saw this year’s Shakespeare Schools Festival cast take part in their workshop with the National Theatre and SSF. This year’s cast are performing a 30 minute version of Shakespeare’s ‘Measure for Measure’ at Curve, Leicester on Wednesday 23rd November. The workshop covered a number of exercises to get the cast thinking about their play, this included showing a snippet from their play, and analysing things to improve on and how well they were getting on. Students came away having learnt new things about their play and characters and thinking openly about how they can improve their characters now that they know their scripts so well. On the 23rd of November there will be a further 2 schools performing their 30 minute versions of different plays and the cast will get to watch them and gain more knowledge of Shakespeare. For anyone wanting tickets to see the Shakespeare a Schools Festival please contact Curve directly or you can buy them from their website.

chariot3Footprints on the Fosseway

Redmoor Academy’s Footprints on the Fosseway project was established to allow students the opportunity to explore the Roman history of the school’s catchment area. This was done through a variety of activities in conjunction with the local Hinckley Museum and the Hinckley Archaeological Society.

Research towards the project was undertaken by students at the local museum, at the Jewry wall in Leicester, and by attendance at various talks by Roman experts. The project was launched before the whole school in an assembly in which ghosts of Roman citizens appeared and shared their stories.

One of the first projects was to create a life-size Roman chariot. Find out more about this exciting project here.

Screen Shot 2016-10-13 at 20.05.29Business and Enterprise Centre Update

We are delighted to announce that work has finally begun of the construction of our Business and Enterprise Centre.

This week the builders are on site to dig out and prepare the foundations. The safety of everyone on site is our main concern and we have robust plans in place to ensure the construction can take place without affecting classes or compromising student safety.

During this phase of the construction, we have made a number of changes to the way students circulate around the school. This includes students entering and exiting the building through the rear doors. We have been delighted by their response and the mature way in which they have adapted to the changes.

As we continue to expand and develop our site to provide improved facilities for our students, it won’t be long now until we have the benefit of this state of the art teaching area.

Screen Shot 2016-10-13 at 19.50.12Redmoor Futures

As part of the Redmoor Futures programme, we took some of our KS4 students across to The MTC (Manufacturing Technology Centre) on Tuesday 11th October, to find out more about the level 3 apprenticeship programmes they offer.  This superb scheme is suitable for students who are likely to gain five GCSEs at grades 9-4.

All of the students had previously expressed an interest in studying engineering or manufacturing post-16, either at A level or via an apprenticeship. This trip gave students the opportunity to compare the two routes.

The MTC houses some of the most advanced manufacturing equipment in the world. Alongside market-leading expertise, this creates a high-quality environment for the development and demonstration of new technologies.

redmoor_edits_160916-1042Open Evening Success

We’d like to say a big thank you to all Year 6 students and their families for attending our Open Evening last night. It was a fantastic event with an overwhelming positive atmosphere generated by our brilliant staff and students. The evening showcased our outstanding facilities which included sneak peaks at our brand new Business and Enterprise Building, a life size Roman Chariot, 3D printing and other exciting opportunities for Year 6 students, giving an insight into life at Redmoor.




b918b17d-bc09-0ff9-42eb-a1a63cc9d15bRaising Money for Macmillan

Our Macmillan Coffee Morning was a great success on Friday! Students had the opportunity to bake or buy cakes to sell at Redmoor during break time to help raise money to support this fantastic charity. The cakes were sold in record time and lots of money was raised, a huge well done to the JLT team who put in lots of time and effort to help run the event.

We raised a huge £268.94! Well done #TeamRedmoor


redmoor_edits_160916-1045Au Revoir Mrs Wright, Welcome Mr Nicolle

We are delighted to welcome Mr Nicolle to the Redmoor team this academic year. Joining our Senior Leadership Team as a Vice Principal, with specific responsibilities for the Curriculum and Teaching and Learning at Redmoor Academy. Mr Nicolle, a former Assistant Vice Principal at Lutterworth College was appointed as a result of the previous Vice Principal Mrs Wright seeking new challenges. 

We would like to thank Mrs Wright for her hard work and dedication to Redmoor for the last twenty five years. She was instrumental in moving the school forward, helping to make Redmoor the school it is today. Mrs Wright was initially employed as a Teacher of French, soon becoming a highly valued member of the SLT, finishing her career as a well respected Vice Principal. We wish her well in her new adventure!


Screen Shot 2016-10-01 at 12.39.19Biology and Space Week at Redmoor

As always, Redmoor has plenty of engaging and exciting opportunities for our students. Next week  the Science department will be running a week of lunchtime, after school and extra curricular activities to involve our students in National Biology and Space Week!
Make sure you sign up, speak to the Science department and get involved for a chance of winning prizes and learning more about STEM!




PortfolioReviewPic Students Visit EGX at the NEC

30 Computer Science students from year 10 and 11 visited EGX (formerly known as Eurogamer EXPO) on Thursday at the NEC. At the event students were able to attend a careers fair hosted by UKIE (the trade body for the gaming industry) starring Creative Assembly, a massive name in the gaming industry – responsible for many well known titles, alongside numerous universities renowned for being the best in Games Design, Games Programming and Computer Science courses.
Students were able to get up to date advice and guidance for their careers with some students who took along portfolios of work being able to get 1 to 1 feedback from industry experts on their work such as Jacob (pictured) who was also able to secure an unbelievable impromptu meeting backstage with lead artists from Arcane Studios and Bethesda (responsible for titles such as The Elder Scrolls:
Skyrim and the Fallout series).
Jacob received a large amount of praise for his work so far Cs-rug4WcAAKSb8and was given fantastic advice from the front line of the gaming industry on where to go next and how to improve further.
At the event students were also able to sample the latest cutting edge technology from the games industry such as virtual reality and experience first hand the latest computer technology available in the field.
All in all a massively successful day and huge praise should go to all students for how they conducted themselves on the day.

unnamed-81GCSE Product Design

Our Product Designers have been working on their final GCSE coursework for the past few months. The project, based on biomimicry, challenges students to research, design and develop products using nature’s time tested patterns, structures and functions to create an innovative and exciting new product. So far, students have been working extremely hard and have produced their research pages. Students have now moved on to designing their products and will be making them soon after the October half term, an exciting time for our year 11 students and all other students interested in Product Design. Product Design catch up is on every week on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s. All years, including KS3 are welcome to complete coursework or work on independent projects! #ThinkDo


IMG_2166Summer Homework

Well done to our year ten students that have produced some incredible photographs over the summer. We’re looking forward to seeing your project work this term!






Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 14.54.38Sport at Redmoor

As we begin the new term, there are plenty of opportunities for students to get involved in extra curricular activities during P6.
All students are welcome to attend any of these sessions, with permission from parents/carers.
Please check out our P6 activities for netball and football activities for all years. These sessions are a fantastic way to meet new people, do some exercise and participate in team events. #TeamRedmoor

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