French and Spanish Homework

French and Spanish Homework

Homework in in French and Spanish is set on a weekly basis in the form of vocabulary tests.

Regular vocabulary learning is essential for students to be able to communicate and understand any language.

For higher ability students these tests will be spelling tests and a pass mark is set by the teacher.

For lower ability groups the students are tested on the meaning of the vocabulary.

In addition to these weekly tests students will regularly be asked to complete or finish off worksheets at home, research a cultural aspect of the country being studied or complete a neat piece of work to display within the department area.

All homework completed is awarded 1 vivo and then extra Vivos are awarded for the quality of the work and effort by the student.

At KS4 students are asked to spend 20 minutes each evening preparing for their controlled assessment which takes place at the end of each term.

As there is a lot of content to include in their work the revision and preparation must start in week 1 of the GCSE course.