Music Homework

Year 10 GCSE Music

Homework is set on Monday lesson 5 and Friday Lesson 5.

Depending upon the work being set, it may be from one lesson to the next i.e. Mon- Fri and Fri – Mon.

An extended piece would be given a week to complete.

If official homework isn’t set, year 10 still have extracurricular  ‘homework’  to do in terms of daily practice of their instruments for performance GCSE.

They are also encouraged to read around the topic and current genre of music they are studying.

They should also listen to as wide a range of music around the topic as possible as well as engage in live music i.e. attending extracurricular rehearsals, and going to and participating in live gigs/ music events.

KS3 Music Homework

Year 7, 8, and 9 are set homework as and when it is appropriate to the topic being taught.

Often these are ‘revising’ or ‘learning’ homeworks and students are given a week , on the day of their lesson, in which to complete this.