redmoor_choices_010715-1048The Geography curriculum gives students the opportunity to study many different topics at a local, national and international level. The topics are taught in modules every half term and combine physical and human geography as well as more contemporary topics such as fashion and sport.

Students are encouraged to watch relevant programmes and news items to improve their knowledge.

Throughout the 3-year course, students will cover the 4 key aspects of Geography

• Geographical enquiry skills.
• Knowledge and understanding of places.
• Knowledge and understanding of patterns and processes.
• Knowledge and understanding of environmental change and sustainable development.

Lessons are taught in ability groups and pupils will aim to develop their skills in all aspects of Geography. There will be opportunities to work in groups, conduct local fieldwork and explore ideas through drama, report writing and the use of ICT. As Geography has a relevance to current issues, there is also an emphasis on using the news and television programmes within lessons.