Maths at Redmoor aims to develop confidence and competence for all, regardless of where students start on the ladder of maths success.

Students follow the brand new mymaths for keystage 3 course, on which fully addresses the new National Curriculum. Students will develop and embed their mathematical fluency, reasoning and problem solving skills during the first 3 phases of their 5 phase KS3&4 Curriculum. This enables sound progression towards external exams in Year 11 and beyond. Emphasis is put on developing their problem solving skills in both theoretical and practical contexts, to prepare for real life mathematical problems and the new style GCSE exams.

In addition, is used in lessons and for some homework tasks. Students are actively encouraged to access this website independently to complete homework and try games and other tasks to extend classroom learning and deepen their knowledge. Both sites are accessed on the internet via iPad, tablet, PC or laptop. BBC is also an excellent source of help, guidance and examples. This is especially useful for KS4 pupils.


The department use a wide and varied range of styles and approaches during lessons, many of which are practical based. Ideas range from using ipads to work from kerboodle or mymaths, individual research, group work of a practical nature to regular testing of time tables. This varied programme gives the chance to develop an enthusiasm and interest for all pupils in the life long lifeskill of Mathematics. All students will hopefully grow in the supportive environment of maths at Redmoor.

Support Sessions:

Computers are available in the Zone at lunchtime or during Homework Club at 3.15 to enable pupils to complete work at school.

Achieve in Maths (AIM )Sessions: These run on Tuesday and Wednesday lunchtimes, in the Business and Enterprise Centre (new building) where students from any year can seek support with any aspect of their maths.

Core Intervention Programme (CIP) This runs on Thursdays after school in the Business and Enterprise Centre (new building) where year 11 and 10 students can seek help on any topic plus gain revision hints and activities.