redmoor_proofs_010715-1434Year 7 pupils study the basic elements of music. Rhythm compositions are written and performed using percussion instruments leading to composing in varying forms and structures such as binary, ternary and rondo form.

Pupils are taught how to read pitched music in the treble clef and all pupils are taught how to play the keyboard co-ordinating 2 hands together.

Pupils listen to music from around the world and sing a variety of songs from different countries. We study musical instruments of the orchestra and learn Taiko drumming. We also develop song writing skills through the genre of sea shanties.

Year 8 pupils develop an understanding of scales and tonality through working with sharps and flats and tones and semitones on glockenspiels. Scales develop into chords, and pupils learn how to accompany a melody on the keyboard using chords.
Song writing skills are developed further through the genre of rap and the creation of a backing track using knowledge of harmony, keyboard skills and mac computer technology. World music is once again explored through the composition and practical performance of either Brazilian Carnival music or Indian Bhangra Drumming. The development of music over the last five hundred years is also listened to and explored and then some of this music is recreated by pupils in the classroom through the medium of classroom arrangements or creative music making using a wide variety of musical instruments.

Year 9 pupils study Gamelan music from Indonesia through whole class performance and small group composition. This may be done on acoustic instruments in the classroom or using Garage band on the Mac computers. Chords and harmony are further developed through the study of Blues and Jazz music leading to an improvised performance over a twelve bar blues jazz sequence. Full Drumkit skills are then taught to all pupils whilst pupils complete a research project about the development of Blues and jazz leading up to modern day music itself. Pupils further study composition through the medium of film music and the creation of a short film track using Garage Band on the mac computers. The final composition of the year is to compose the music and lyrics for a song using the Mac computers again. This may be composed in the blues and jazz genre or modern day pop song.