GCSE Results 2018

It’s official! Our 2018 GCSE results have confirmed Redmoor Academy as one of the top schools nationally in terms of improvement! Government figures released on 27th September confirm that on average, students taking their exams in 2018 made more progress at Redmoor Academy than students of the same ability at other schools. We are so proud of our students and staff and the phenomenal improvement we have achieved in the last 12 months and we are now keen and committed to demonstrating how this improvement will be sustained. Matt Nicolle, Acting Principal, wanted to praise his students and staff for their achievements,

“I cannot stress how hard staff and students worked last year to raise standards and deliver good GCSE outcomes for every student. As a result, we will undoubtedly be one of the most improved schools in Leicestershire and I am personally proud of every student and every member of staff across the school in achieving these results. This is however, just the beginning and we already know where we can improve further to become a truly outstanding school for our students and their families.”

A large number of students achieved excellent GCSE results, including the following who gained at least 6 GCSE grades between 9-7: Zoe Davies, Caitlin Bray, Ellie Shave, Ben Sohanpal, Katie Horseman, Ami Walton, Josh Cope, Bliss Burgess, Jake Cross, Dimitar Mitkov, Melanie Keeler, Klaudia Grzyb, Emily Bates, Heather Whitehouse, Josh Tyler-Murrell, Isabelle Stratford, Ben Smith and Heather Ekin. A special mention must go to Zoe Davies who achieved 8 grade 9s – putting her amongst the top students nationally.

Additionally, the following students made outstanding progress against their target grades and deservedly should be recognised: Alex Warren, Chantelle Morris, Jamie Randle, Talitha Cook, Sophie Darlaston, Hope Davies and Shannon Brunt.

Our students achieved a phenomenal 56 grade 9s and a further 6 A*s  awarded in subjects still using letter grades, meaning Redmoor students were awarded 62 instances of the highest possible grade across the wide range of subjects offered at the school. What an outstanding achievement, especially considering the new examination system has been designed to recognise real excellence and means far fewer students nationwide are able to achieve the very top grade.

Well done to everyone involved!