Whitechapel History Trip

On Monday the 13th of May, the year 10 history students and I partook in an educational tour of Whitechapel, London, accompanied by Miss Todd, Mr Jarvis and Miss Green. Aiming to solidify and strengthen our knowledge of the Whitechapel subtopic of crime and punishment, our tour consisted of contextualising aspects of this area taught to us within history lessons at Redmoor. From conversing about the political ideas and immigration, to learning all the grim details behind the unsolved Jack the Ripper murders, this trip was a fantastic opportunity for us as a year group to add depth to our learning and provide an opportunity for us to revise our knowledge in an interactive way.

We started our day by splitting into two separate groups, each assigned our own personal tour guide, before heading off on a walking-talking overview of the Whitechapel area. We discussed our own knowledge of what this area was like in Victorian England; thick with the smog of the industry and riddled with poverty. From having a tour guide, we benefited from a deeper understanding of life in the urban slums, being able to fit this information with a visual representation, and viewing sources of information dating back to the Victorian era. Learning in this way really helped me in empathising, moreover immersing myself in historic Whitechapel, providing a memorable way of remembering the entirety of this subtopic.

After completing the full tour of the area, as a group we headed to a Jack the Ripper museum close to the area. It is here we saw a recreation of one of the many, brutal murders, studied replicas of real Victorian artefacts for clues, and created our own criminal profile as to who the Ripper may be. We even visited a mortuary within the museum, showing the mutilated remains of his victims and photos of what they looked like in life. The museum was an excellent way of deepening our knowledge on Jack the Ripper, learning new things about him in which we had not been taught to boost our knowledge come exam time.

I thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Whitechapel; I believe it was very beneficial to us as students, and it really helped to solidify and reinforce what we have learnt in the classroom.

Hannah Hudson – Year 10 Student