Teaching Staff and Email Directory

2017 – 2018


English Miss L Cassie (Head of Whole School Literacy) lcassie@redmooracademy.org
Mrs K Nichols (Head of Dept.) knichols@redmooracademy.org
Mrs J Whitaker (2nd in Dept.) jwhitaker@redmooracademy.org
Miss P Patel ppatel@redmooracademy.org
Mr T Owen towen@redmooracademy.org

Ms J Lewis

Mrs S Spurr




Mathematics Ms A Gomm (Head of Dept.) agomm@redmooracademy.org
Mrs L Rogerson (2nd in Dept.) lrogerson@redmooracademy.org
Mrs P Avent pavent@redmooracademy.org
Mrs S Pither spither@redmooracademy.org
Mr J White jwhite@redmooracademy.org
Mrs A Wright awright@redmooracademy.org
Mr D Clarke dclarke@redmooracademy.org
Mr A Fortune afortune@redmooracademy.org
Science Miss. H Spencer  (Head of Dept.) hspencer@redmooracademy.org
Mrs C Dockerty (2nd in Dept.) cdockerty@redmooracademy.org
Miss C Burton cburton@redmooracademy.org
Mrs N Thompson (2nd in Dept.) nthompson@redmooracademy.org
Mr D Deeping ddeeping@redmooracademy.org
Miss F Cassidy

Mrs L Webb

Mrs B Linden




Computing Mr R Moore (Head of Dept.) rmoore@redmooracademy.org
Mrs R Mattu rmattu@redmooracademy.org
Literacy Mrs L Cassie lcassie@redmooracademy.org
Mrs L Barnes lbarnes@redmooracademy.org
Mrs H Huckle hhuckle@redmooracademy.org
Mrs R Combellack rcombellack@redmooracademy.org
Design, Art & Technology Mrs E Brooks (Head of Art) ebrooks@redmooracademy.org
Miss H Wright (Head of Design) hwright@redmooracademy.org
Ms C Smith csmith@redmooracademy.org
Mrs E Jackson ejackson@redmooracademy.org
Performing Arts Mrs L Wesley (Head of Performing Arts) lwesley@redmooracademy.org
Drama Mrs L Wesley lwesley@redmooracademy.org
Miss E Gillias egillias@redmooracademy.org
Music Miss S Jackson (Head of Dept.) sjackson@redmooracademy.org
P.E. Mrs J Pickering (Head of Dept.) jpickering@redmooracademy.org
Mr A Mitchell amitchell@redmooracademy.org
Mrs R Short rshort@redmooracademy.org
Mr M Roome mroome@redmooracademy.org
Mr S Southall ssouthall@redmooracademy.org
Humanities Mr L Attenborough (Head of Geography) lattenborough@redmooracademy.org
Mr P Hurley (Head of History) phurley@redmooracademy.org
Mrs M Westaway (Head of ME)

Mrs L Hickman



Miss A Todd atodd@redmooracademy.org
Mr D Jarvis djarvis@redmooracademy.org
Miss E Brown ebrown@redmooracademy.org
Modern  Foreign  Languages Miss R Wilson (Head of Dept.) rwilson@redmooracademy.org
Mr J Duggins (2nd in Dept.) jduggins@redmooracademy.org
Miss R Carton rcarton@redmooracademy.org
Mrs S Thompson sthompson@redmooracademy.org
Media Studies Miss P Patel (Head of Dept.) ppatel@redmooracademy.org
Mrs K Groocock kgroocock@redmooracademy.org
Business Studies Mrs J Steele (Head of Dept.) jsteele@redmooracademy.org
Alternative Curriculum and Health and Social Care Mrs E Hawes (Head of Dept.) ehawes@redmooracademy.org
Engineering Miss C Burton (Head of Dept.) cburton@redmooracademy
Mrs L Webb lwebb@redmooracademy.org
Exams Officer Ms M Sinclair msinclair@redmooracademy.org
Redmoor Futures Mr P Kimber

Mrs S Pither




Curriculum Support Staff


Assistant SENDCO

Mrs L Okeeffe

Mrs A Constable

Librarian Mrs L Barnes


Pupil Premium Co-ordinator

Mrs M Westaway


Miss R Carton

English Support

SEND Base Manager

Stretch and Challenge




Mrs I Nemeth-Purkis

Mrs Robinson

Miss A Todd


General Support Mrs H Thompson

Miss N Courtney (Year 7 Catch Up)

Mrs S Hobbins

Mrs S Moore

Mrs N Marshall

Mrs E Hodges
Mrs S Birch
Mrs M Dabin
Mrs S Hicklin (visual support)

Voice of the Student Co-ordinator


Miss C Burton