PE Fixtures

Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 14.54.38As part of Redmoor’s Period 6 programme, the PE department run a number of sports teams that compete in matches and competitions with other schools in the local area throughout the year. We believe that these P6 opportunities allow our students to work as a team and take part in competitive sports in friendly games which encourage character building, confidence and sporting skills. All students are welcome to attend training sessions, with permission from parents/carers. Please check out our P6 activities for sports activities for all years. #TeamRedmoor

Fixture Results:

Week commencing 19th September
Yr 10 vs St Martins (A) Lost 0-24 POM Gemma Lee
Yr 11 vs St Martins (A) Lost 3-27 POM Phoebe Bakewell
Yr 9 vs St Martins (H) Won 14-0 POM Sam Reynolds Breeze
U16 vs St Martins (H) Won 4-0 POM Ryan Robinson
Week commencing 26th September
Yr 7 vs St Martins lost 0-9 POM Lauren Goadby
Yr 8 vs St M lost 1-14 POM Camara Ashby
Yr 9 vs St M lost 3-7 POM Leigh Rizvi
Yr 7 vs St M won 3-1 POM Ben Suart
Yr 8 vs St M lost 1-7 POM – TBC
Yr 10 vs Hastings won 3-0 POM Will Hughes
Week commencing 24th October

Yr 7 Netball vs Hastings Lost 1-6 pom Ellie Henderson

Yr 8 Netball vs Hastings Won 4-3 pom Tami Leigh
Yr 9 Netball vs Hastings Won 4-3 pom Mia Johnson
Yr 10 Netball vs Hastings Lost 2-18 pom Isabelle Stratford
Yr 11 Netball vs Hastings Won 8-6 pom Rosie Williams
Yr 7 Football vs Hastings won 3-1 mom Ben Suart
Yr 8 Football vs Hastings lost 2-4 mom Kyle Draper
Week Commencing 7th November
Yr 10 Lost 0-17 pom Megan Smith
Yr 11 Lost 1-14 pom Isobel Fearn
Redmoor vs Heath Lane: 
Yr 7 boys football won 4-0 mom Josh Middleton
Yr 9 boys football won 2-1 mom Joe Hurst
Yr 10&11 boys football won 10-0 Will Hughes
Yr 7 netball won 14-0 pom Ellie Henderson & Grace Dimbleby
Yr 8 netball won 11-0 Tamzin Lee
Yr 9 netball won 4-0 pom Katie Hutchins
Yr 10 netball won 4-1 pom Chloe Hayward
Yr 11 netball lost 8-6 pom Gee Jackson