Redmoor’s Enrichment Course

As part of their formal education at Redmoor Academy, all students in KS3 are required to complete three Enrichment Courses, one each academic year. Our programme gives students the opportunity to engage more in local, national and international studies.

We were delighted, to present details of our exciting new look
Redmoor Enrichment Course (REC), formally Active Learning Programme, for the academic year 2016-2017.

This year there were 16 courses available, giving our students a wide variety from which to make their choice. Some of the courses were fully-residential, while others were part-residential and part school-based. Also, there were wholly school-based courses that consist of a series of “school day”opportunities. Each is designed to extend a student’s knowledge, skills and understanding in addition to enhancing the personal development of every individual who takes part. The aim is for students to: have an opportunity to gain independence, a chance to meet new people, discover who they actually are, test what they believe they can do and ultimately, return to Redmoor after the experience feeling more confident, skilled and enriched.

2017 set to be the first of a fantastic REC week from Redmoor, we were massively proud and impressed by the maturity of our students, the amount of excitement for each day that was expressed and the willingness to try new things. Well done to everyone that participated this year #REC2017 #ProudRedmoor

If you would like to see more, please take a look at our Twitter page which is full of photos, updates and tweets from throughout the week.

What our staff and students had to say:
An amazing week, everyone working with people they didn’t know at the start of the week.

Even if you are worried about the challenges- you will love it!

Unexpected excitement, action packed and fun for all.
The activities were all great with a wide selection to choose from.

Please do REC week for year 10!  ( from a year 9 student!)

Interesting exhibitions and educational but intriguing.

“Our doubts are traitors and make us loose the good we oft might win by fearing to attempt” – Shakespeare. By pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones, whether it be dancing, acting or going on the London Eye we all became more confident in ourselves and found many new interests and made made memories for life.

Muchísimas gracias to all students and staff who attended the Barcelona REC week. We were incredibly proud of how students engaged with the Spanish culture and appreciated the incredible places that we visited as well as all attempting to speak Spanish daily! It truly was a fantastic week for all! We hope to repeat this experience again in 2018!





Online Booklet 2016-17

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