Redmoor Read-More

There is a very useful resource for students and parents called The Redmoor Read-More. It is a very comprehensive list of recommended fiction for teenagers and includes books from many genres to suit all tastes. The Redmoor Read-More is regularly re-published to ensure it reflects the latest books. It contains a simple guide to the complexity or suitability of the books for different types of readers. As an incentive to get reading, the booklet contains details of some reading challenges students can complete and the prizes they can win for their reading efforts. Furthermore, all students at Redmoor have lessons dedicated to independent reading. Students’ reading is closely monitored and teachers take time to encourage and guide pupils towards more varied and challenging fiction choices and to reward pupils for reading widely. Reading rewards include books given as presents as well as e-vouchers and vivos.

Please click the image to look at ‘The Redmoor Read-More’:

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