The science department at the Redmoor Academy prides itself on innovation and opportunity for our students. The curriculum- based programme of study aims to teach our students, not merely science knowledge, but how to apply that knowledge and become skilled and enthusiastic scientists of the future. Our extra curriculum programme of activities (under the umbrella of Redmoor STEM) currently offers 18 different opportunities in liaison with maths, ICT and DT. We also offer a wide range of engineering experiences in our Period 6 programme of activities.

Students have six lessons across the fortnight; completing biology, chemistry and physics modules one after the other throughout the year.

They are assessed on their scientific skills at the end of each unit and their knowledge at the end of the biology, chemistry and physics modules. This in addition to undergoing constant assessment on how well they apply their knowledge of science in their book work.

Over the three years, all pupils will study five broad topics as shown below:-

• Working Scientifically – the application of science knowledge to practical experimentation.

• Organisms, behaviour and healthy lifestyle (Biology topics)

• Chemical and material behaviour (Chemistry topics)

• Energy, electricity, forces and waves (Physics topics)

• The Environment, Earth and the Universe (Encompasses all three sciences)

All students have been given a log-in for the Kerboodle website, where they can access the Activate programme of science study. Here, they can practice their learning from their lessons, complete on-line practice assessments and carry out homework tasks. Students can also access the on-line digital textbook and use this to either read around their lessons or to help them with their homework. It is expected that if no homework has been set, that students are accessing the on-line digital book and revising previous content.

For students who struggle to access the on-line course at home, we will be running a Kerboodle club during lunchtime every Wednesday. Here students can complete their homework or raise any queries, with the help and support of a science teacher.

A link to the Kerboodle website can be found here.

By combining curriculum-based learning and extra-curricular opportunities we encourage students to pursue their own area of interest. Our students have had remarkable successes over the last few years and have made it through to countless numbers of competition finals. By giving students an experience of real-life science, either through trips and visits, industry tours, competitions and projects, we firmly believe that our students are motivated to succeed and achieve the best results they can.