• Be polite and treat everyone with respect
  • Be responsible for your own behaviour
  • Be honest and own up if you have done something wrong


  • Listen to and follow all adult’s instructions
  • Follow the classroom rules
  • Never use violence or bully others in any way
  • Leave banned items at home
  • Think safety, especially in corridors and practical areas
  • No swearing or use of bad language


  • Aim high and work hard
  • Ask if you need help. Do your best!
  • Praise yourself and others for effort and achievement
  • Be prepared to work with anyone
  • Complete your homework and hand it in on time
  • Come to school regularly
  • Be on time
  • Bring the right equipment to lessons


  • Look after Redmoor
  • Look after your belongings and respect other people’s
  • Keep Redmoor clean, tidy and litter free
  • Don’t chew gum at school


Jewellery No jewellery apart from:

  • 1 pair studs only
  • 1 plain ring (not sovereign ring or rings with stones)
  • 1 watch
  • No body piercing ornaments (if you are having any body piercing done, please make sure it is done in the holidays so that it can heal well enough to be removed for school, in particular your PE lessons, as you will be asked to do so)
  • No nose or tongue studs

Make Up

  • Make up should not be worn
  • Nail varnish should not be worn
    (you will be asked to remove them)
Banned Items

  • Chewing Gum
  • Spray Cans
  • Tippex Fluid (Tippex Mouse / Corrector Pens allowed)
  • All Illegal Items e.g Cigarettes / Matches / Lighters / Alcohol / Drugs / Pen Knives / Laser Pens

Mobile Phones

  • To be the responsibility of pupils
  • (The Academy is not responsible for the loss/damage of mobile phones)
  • To be switched off at all times except for break and lunchtime when you may use them for playing games and music
  • Will be confiscated until 3:15 if mobile is seen or switched on during lessons

Swearing / Foul Language

  • Language that is inappropriate (not acceptable) and is likely to offend


  • Eat and drink only at The Pitstop
  • Use bins provided
  • Coats not allowed in classrooms


  • Walk on the left in corridors
  • Follow all specific safety rules in Art/Design/Science/PE areas
  • Keep items safe – use the lockers provided
  • Do not leave valuables in coat pockets
  • Leave all valuable items at home – the school cannot be held responsible.

All Years

    • Plain white blouse/shirt.
    • No shorts or ¾ length trousers.
    • Sensible plain black shoes – not trainers or canvas shoes.
    • School bag – no handbags.
    • Redmoor jacket.
    • Grey Redmoor Academy jumper (optional)
    • Redmoor clip on tie.
    • Charcoal trousers.
    • Redmoor Academy charcoal skirt.