At Redmoor we pride ourselves on the quality of our pastoral care.  We see all of our staff and students as part of our Redmoor family and our pastoral team are dedicated to providing students with a high level of support within school to help them cope with the demands of life and to enable them to have the opportunity to meet their academic potential.

The team consists of eleven staff (not including form tutors) which demonstrates how important it is to us as a school. Each Year group has a Year Manager and each student has a tutor. Both of these stay with the students as they progress through the school.  The tutor is the students and parents first port of call with any issues both good and bad that the student has. The Year Manager maintains oversight over the entire year group and works with individual students where needed. We work very closely with the SEND and Pupil Premium teams. Working collectively we offer a wide range of pastoral support programmes many of which can be seen below. 

Assistant Vice Principal Pastoral and Behaviour Standards

Mr P Kimber

Year Managers

        Year 7                       Year 8                          Year 9                   Year 10                    Year 11
Miss E Green         Miss A Woodward         Mrs T Atkinson         Miss S Green         Mrs D Buckingham

Each year group has its own dedicated year manager who follows the year group through from Year 7 to Year 11. This allows them to really get to the students in their care and build strong relationships. 

Year 7 Tutors

        7 Ash                       7 Beech                          7 Elm                        7 Maple                    7 Oak                        7 Pop
Mr R Moore            Mrs C Dockerty             Mr J Duggins                  Ms J Kelly            Mr M Roome             Mr T Owen

Year 8 Tutors

        8 Ash                        8 Beech                     8 Elm                      8 Maple                    8 Oak                        8 Pop
Mr M Abercrombie    Mrs L Hawes       Miss H Gamble          Miss L Cassie         Mrs E Jackson         Miss P Patel

Year 9Tutors

           9 Ash                   9 Beech                    9 Elm                        9 Maple                     9 Oak                        9 Pop
       Mr P Hurley         Ms J Lewis          Mrs S Thompson     Mrs N Thompson        Mrs E Brooks           Miss C Burton

Year 10 Tutors

        10 Ash                     10 Beech                       10 Elm                  10 Maple                   10 Oak                     10 Pop                     10 Willow
   Mr D Deeping          Miss E Brown            Miss H Wright         Miss E Smart          Miss A Kean          Mrs L Rogerson         Miss J Whitaker

Year 11 Tutors


        11 Ash                     11 Beech                       11 Elm                  11 Maple                   11 Oak                     11 Pop                     11 Willow
    Mrs R Short               Mrs L Webb               Miss A Todd             Mr J White              Mrs L Wesley          Miss F Cassidy         Mrs J Pickering


Behaviour Support Team


       Miss S Phillips             Mr M Barr                 Mrs K Moreton


Attendance Team


     Mrs M Stanhope            Mrs A Cheyne