redmoor_edits_160916-1008The Year 7 Catch-up premium is extra funding received by schools to provide additional support for students in year 7 who did not achieve the expected standard in their KS2 SATS. At Redmoor Academy the funding is used to provide one-to-one and small group sessions for these students which is led by an experienced KS2 teacher who worked specifically with Year 6.  These intervention sessions are tailored to the individual needs of the students. There are 3 areas of focus: Maths, Reading and Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar. Once KS2 results have been received any children with a scaled score of less than 100 in any or all of the 3 areas are placed on the intervention programme. The students have weekly timetabled sessions with the Catch-up tutor who continually assesses each student to determine if they have reached the required standard for their area of need. Students are tested using past papers to ascertain whether they have reached the required standard.  This intervention is timetabled on a rolling programme so that students are withdrawn from a different non-core subject each week.

In addition, students who have not reached the standard in English reading or Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar also access our IDL programme. IDL (Independent Dyslexia Learning)  is a software package where students can work independently to improve their literacy skills. This web-based programme was designed for students with dyslexia, however it is also beneficial to students who need to boost their literacy skills. Students complete a short baseline assessment with a trained member of the SEN team prior to starting the intervention. This enables the programme to determine an appropriate starting point for each individual child. Students access the programme during one registration period per week in school time and are also encouraged to complete another 10 minutes at home each week. Impact is measured through single word reading and spelling assessments conducted on a yearly basis.

Table to show the percentage of students on the Catch-up programme who achieved the expected standard following interventions

Grant English Reading Spelling Punctuation & Grammar Maths
2018 – £16,972 21% 10% 9%
2019 – £16,250 * 59% 34% 13%