Maths GCSE Revision Information

As we come to the end of the Mock Exam period, the Maths Department would like to draw your notice to an imperative part of your child’s revision programme.

We have provided an overall Revision Schedule for them to follow each week. They have a paper copy and it is on their Google Classroom.

Practice questions are released to them on Google Classroom each week. The answers are then posted mid week and a Revision Test given at the end of the week.

The questions are topic based and are essential learning and revision as we move towards the coming GCSE Exams.

It has come to our attention that some students are not using and completing the essential practice questions. This is evident in test results and checking mock exams.

We trust that we can rely on your support in all we do to help your child move towards their best possible grade in the summer.

Please check that this small part of their revision is being completed and continue to encourage them in all revision and homework tasks set.

Do not hesitate to contact us at school with any concerns.

Please find below Google Classroom Codes already supplied to your child.

Set 1 – 5woi5v

Set 2 – mdrqci

Set 3 – lzr3t2

Set 4 – ca8n5w

Set 5 – qksffiy

Set 6 – 8fgd7a

Set 7 – 7fgrj8

Set 8 – 8rtc30j


Kind regards,


Maths Department