Positive Attitude Leads to Excellence

The Redmoor DNA is comprised of seven core character traits that we expect all Redmoor Academy students to develop, refine and exhibit each day during their five years of study. Our students collectively created the Redmoor DNA and they strive to demonstrate its values in all that they say and do.

The character development at the heart of the Redmoor DNA is underpinned by the school’s ethos and values. We want our students to possess the resilience and determination of character to fulfill their academic potential, now and in their education beyond our school’s doors. We also want to support our students in becoming kind, responsible and empathetic people who thrive at Redmoor and in their future lives. We believe that developing the Redmoor DNA will allow our students to flourish as confident young people.

We encourage all of our students to show the Redmoor DNA in our classrooms and corridors, and by taking part in our rich calendar of house initiatives, competitions and enrichment opportunities. Whenever our students demonstrate the excellent attitude the Redmoor DNA demands, whether this means obtaining an outstanding school report or showing leadership on the football pitch, they are rewarded with house point awards.