All Year 10 students will be completing a two-week period of mock examinations after the Easter break, commencing on Tuesday 9th April and running through until Friday 19th April. These assessments provide a crucial experience for students and give both teachers and students valuable information on their progress to date. This includes:

  • Experience of exam conditions and timings
  • A “line in the sand” grade, 12 months before the real exams
  • Feedback on what elements of the exam they have performed strongly in and which need further revision

We are therefore keen to encourage early preparation. Today, students have attended an assembly where guidance has been given on effective study habits, time management and revision. After the half term holiday, there will also be two PSHCE sessions where students will be guided by their tutors to develop these skills further by: 

  • Creating study timetables to structure their revision during evenings and weekends 
  • Using the ‘Pomodoro’ method of revision (this is where students organise their study time into 25 minute blocks of focused revision built around regular breaks)
  • Learning how to create more effective flashcards and how to use them to self-test (this builds on previous work on revision strategies of Cornell notes and mind-maps). 

Further information about revision techniques can be found in our Effective Learning Strategies section. 

With just over 7 weeks to go until mock exams begin – and only 4 school weeks, we are asking you as parents and carers to support us in ensuring that students prepare adequately and sensibly. Experience tells us that it really helps when parents:

  • Know the details of the exams for each subject (what will be tested and when)
  • Understand the revision guidance that has been given by teachers
  • Help to create the time and environment for dedicated study – for example, you might support your child in making and sticking to a revision timetable with weekly study time for each subject planned out
  • Support children to work independently on their revision for one to two hours each day, making use of the resources provided by their teachers (including the brilliant GCSEPod!)

Below is the overview timetable for mock exams, specific revision guidance for each subject and a template study timetable for your reference and use with your child at home. Students’ individual timetables will be given out nearer the time. 

For now, if you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact us. You should get in touch with your child’s tutor or subject teacher in the first instance, depending on the nature of your query. We are immensely proud of the commitment already being shown by our Year 10 students to their studies and we wish them the best of luck in their preparation for mock exams.

Year 10 Mock Overview Timetable

Content & Revision Guidance

Template Revision Timetable