Redmoor Academy is against bullying and any form of behaviour which causes pain or distress to another person.


  • You have a right to be safe!
  • Nobody has the right to make you unhappy!
  • If you are being bullied or know that someone is being bullied tell someone.
  • It is not your fault.
  • Keeping quiet gives bullies power.
  • By just telling someone you can take that power away.
  • Remember it is the bully that has the problem and not you!
  • Bullies need help!


Bullying can be…

  • Physical : pushing, kicking, hitting or any use of violence.
  • Verbal : name-calling, sarcasm, spreading rumours, threatening, teasing about someone’s race/gender/size/performance/looks/background etc.
  • Emotional : excluding, tormenting, being unfriendly, looks, silence, staring, texting, MSN®, Facebook etc.

You have a right to feel safe and happy at Redmoor Academy.

” Talk Talk Talk ”

– to a member of staff, a school ‘Buddy’, the school nurse, your friends, a trusted adult or your parents.

All incidents will be treated seriously and appropriate action will be taken.
Remember all pupils have signed an Anti Bullying Agreement.