Personal Property

Personal Property

Every pupil is responsible for labelling all their equipment, personal property and uniform. This includes coats, PE kit and bags. Every pupil at Redmoor has access to a personal locker in which they must keep their own belongings. It is their responsibility to have their locker key with them at all times and must not share lockers. Lost property is located within the Hub and will be displayed on a regular basis at the end of assemblies for pupils to reclaim. Any items that are not claimed at the end of each term will be sent to a local charity. Any lost PE kits will be located within the PE department. It is imperative that all kit and uniform is clearly labelled.

Valuable Items

Any valuable items should not be brought into school, however, if they are, Redmoor cannot accept responsibility for the loss or damage to such items. Any personal music systems brought into school remain the responsibility of the owner. If any items are used inappropriately they will be confiscated and sent to Pupil Reception where they are recorded and then released from front reception at the end of the day.

Mobile Phones

All mobile phones remain the responsibility of the owner, and the school accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage to individuals’ phones. It is expected that students follow our mobile phone policy whilst in school.