At Redmoor Academy we make sure that our students are supported, both academically and emotionally, so that they can enjoy their Key Stage 3 study and reach their full potential. We will:

  • Deliver a challenging and engaging curriculum so that they enjoy their learning 
  • Provide them with the best pastoral care so they always have someone in school to support them
  • Track their progress carefully and intervene with extra support if necessary
  • Communicate with you so you can support your child at home
  • Provide emotional wellbeing interventions with trained staff if needed
  • Understand your child as an individual and support them to make sure they realise their full potential

As parents and carers we ask that:

  • You discuss your child’s progress with them
  • You engage with us as much as possible so that you know what is going on at school and can support your child
  • You support independent learning, encouraging your child to complete all homework in detail and depth to the best of their ability
  • You support our decisions and the extra interventions we put in place for the wellbeing and progress of your child 
  • You help your child to establish good habits regarding screen time, sleeping, eating and exercise

The support and information found in the booklet below will help you and your child make the most of their KS3 experience as we work together to ensure they achieve. This guide will help you better understand how students learn at Redmoor (and the science behind our approach), our expectations of students’ effort, and the ways in which you can to support your child’s independent learning at home. 

How We Learn at Redmoor – Parents’ Guide