Homework policy 

At Redmoor, our curriculum is designed around the most powerful knowledge that provides our students with everything they need to not only achieve excellent grades, but also become successful members of society. Our knowledge organisers at KS3 help summarise this knowledge in a format that helps students to remember it. Whilst these are also used at KS4, teachers will use other resources such as exam questions, online platforms and revision guides for homework.

Setting of Homework

All homework is now set through ClassCharts. The system allows for students and parents to know what homework has been set and when it is due. It also allows teachers to reward and monitor completion of homework. Homework is found in the homework calendar on the website. 

Parent login to ClassCharts can be found using this link: ClassCharts parent login 

Key Stage 3

Homework at Key Stage 3 consists mainly of learning facts from knowledge organisers, which should be completed in subject exercise books. Students have been taught a variety of ways to revise, which can be found in the ‘How We Learn’ section of our website. Evidence of this revision is what class teachers check to ensure completion and quality of homework. It is this careful revision that leads to excellent outcomes. Students will then complete low stakes knowledge tests based on their learning of the facts. This build of knowledge over time will contribute to students understanding concepts in depth and be able to make connections to new pieces of learning.

Year 7 and 8

  • 20 mins per core subject a week

  • 20 mins per non-core subject a fortnight (less for once a week subjects)

Year 9

  • 30 mins per week core subject

  • 30 mins per fortnight for non-core subject (less for once a week subjects)

Key Stage 4

At Key stage 4  homework will consist of a variety of activities. It could include learning of knowledge and facts from subject knowledge organisers. It could be tasks set out in homework booklets, or completion of differing tasks set by class teachers. More online platforms are used to support students’ revision. Students should be accessing GCSEPod as a platform for revision. Teachers will set homework from the website, but students should also be accessing this as part of their independent study for exam preparation at KS4.

Teachers will carefully guide students through the setting of homework and all will be recorded on ClassCharts. 

Year 10 and 11

  • 1 hour of homework or independent revision per week per subject, with an increase around exam periods due to extra revision