Our students wear our uniform with pride and it is part of our strong ethos and culture. All of our uniform can be purchased from our two local suppliers, Hole in the Wall and Swifts

School Uniform – Compulsory from our supplier

  • Black blazer with Redmoor logo.
  • Redmoor school tie (This is provided however it is advisory to purchase a spare).
  • Redmoor skirt (knee length).

School Uniform – Compulsory from any shop

  • White formal shirt in a traditional style (long or short sleeve)
  • Trousers (if not opting for Redmoor skirt): plain dark charcoal in a conventional style (no jeans or jean style, cords, leggings, skinnies or combats etc)
  • Bags: Rucksack- No handbags smaller than A4.
  • Footwear: sensible plain all black footwear (no coloured or white logos or soles)
  • Either; socks: smart plain grey, black or white (only black socks are permitted over black tights if needed for warmth)

   Or; tights: plain black or plain transparent (no patterns, no knee highs)

School Uniform – Optional

  • Redmoor V-neck jumper in burgundy.
  • Belt for trousers- Plain black only
  • Tailored charcoal grey shorts (only allowed in June/July or at Principal’s discretion)

Hair, Make-up & Jewellery

  • Jewellery and artificial nails are not appropriate for school and they create additional Health and Safety risks. As an exception, we allow one plain discreet stud earring in each ear (e.g. no hoops or long earrings) 
  • Hair must be a natural colour
  • KS3 Students must not wear makeup. KS4 students can wear minimal, natural looking makeup
  • Nail varnish and false eyelashes are not allowed
  • Watches are allowed (all watches have to be removed for exams)
  • No other piercings are permitted and students will be told to remove them
  • All jewellery must be removed for PE lessons, clubs and training. Tape/retainers are not permitted. 
  • Students are responsible for their uniform and we recommend that all items are labelled.

Therefore new piercings must only be done at the very start of the Summer holidays to ensure they can be removed the first day of term

PE Uniform – Compulsory

  • Redmoor polo shirt
  • Redmoor shorts or skirt
  • Redmoor hoodie with named initials
  • Socks: plain long black football socks 
  • Trainers: sports trainers – not Converse or Vans styles. Please note – this must be a different pair of trainers to those worn during the school day
  • Football boots: moulded or studs for field based sports
  • Shin pads: any brand or style
  • Nails must be a safe length (acrylics are not allowed)

PE Uniform – Optional

  • Redmoor tracksuit bottoms
  • Redmoor sports leggings
  • Redmoor games shirt: long sleeved
  • Base layer: plain black and only worn under PE kit

Students who choose to study GCSE PE can purchase an optional separate kit which is available from Liss Sport, an online school shop. This enables you to order these optional extras. Delivery is made to the school making the ordering and collecting very simple and easy. https://www.lisssport.co.uk/redmoor 

In addition, donating good quality uniform to school when students outgrow them can really help some of our students and their families. Second hand items including clothing and footwear will be on sale during the summer holidays each year and may also be available upon request.