School Ethos

We are proud of the atmosphere that prevails in Redmoor, which is recognised as a successful, supportive, popular and happy school. We believe all individuals are of equal value and everyone has the potential to be successful. Our core purpose is to develop each student’s talents to enable them to flourish. 

Our Core Beliefs and Values

We have high expectations of everyone at Redmoor and we believe every student has the ability to succeed. We provide opportunities for all students to reveal, display and extend their knowledge and skills. It is important to us that we provide a safe and stimulating learning environment where this can take place.

We believe in ourselves and we see Redmoor as being at the heart of the local community. Involving parents, local businesses and organisations in our school is central to our success.

These beliefs can be summarised into 3 core values:

  1. For all students to make excellent academic progress and achieve the best possible outcomes
  2. To provide outstanding opportunities for students to enrich their educational experience
  3. For our students to develop into “good” people

We deliver this through our Redmoor DNA.

The Redmoor DNA is a set of 7 character traits that we expect all of students to develop, refine and exhibit every day.

These traits will allow our students to develop into well rounded, knowledgeable and successful young adults who will thrive at school and in their future lives.

R – resilient

E – engaged

D – dedicated

M – motivated

O – organised

O – optimistic

R – responsible