As part of our preparations to get Year 11 ready for the summer’s final GCSE exams there will be another period of mock exams coming late February, immediately after half term. During the week beginning Monday 26th February, formal assessments will take place for English, maths and science, Travel & Tourism and Health & Social Care. The timetable is included below. Please note that the timings of the school day will be adjusted during this week with an early lunch for Year 11s from 12.20pm. 

These assessments will help teachers better diagnose the gaps in students’ knowledge and skills so that the remaining curriculum time can be best spent before exams begin in May. They will also provide students with an opportunity to demonstrate their progress from the mocks in November. Therefore, it is important that students give their best performance and use this time before core mocks to revise and prepare wisely. GCSEPod remains an invaluable resource and we strongly encourage our students to use it for their independent learning. 

As previously explained, experience tells us that independent learning is most effective when parents support by:

  • helping to create the time for dedicated study – for example, please support your child in making and sticking to a revision timetable like the one attached here Revision-timetable-copy.pdf
  • ensuring the environment for study is right and all distractions (including social media!) are removed 

encouraging children to work independently on their revision for a minimum of two hours each day, making use of class books, revision guides, GCSEPod and the resources provided by their teachers.