It may be necessary to contact the school from time to time. Our aim is to ensure you are dealt with promptly and efficiently and, most importantly, by the most appropriate person.

Secondary schools are complex organisations employing many staff with specific responsibilities to ensure your child gets the best possible education. The best person to deal with you may not be your child’s Tutor or indeed, the Principal. Our administration staff have been trained to ensure you will be directed to someone who has sufficient seniority to deal with and is authorised to respond on behalf of the school to your enquiry.

These guidelines take into consideration the diverse roles of those employed in schools, their expertise and the fact that teachers spend the majority of each day teaching so are not readily available to respond to emails, phone calls, or unannounced visits.

We hope the following guide will help to clarify the most suitable person for you to contact to address your concerns when you contact the school.


Please contact the School Office (01455 230731) with any emergency and the receptionist will then direct your call.

Routine matters, queries and non-urgent pastoral issues

Where time is not of the essence, you should contact the Form Tutor by email or in writing. The relevant contact details are provided as a hard copy and are also available from the school office.

Matters relating to a specific subject

Please contact the subject teacher directly by email or by letter. Emails for subject teachers should be sent to with the student name in the subject bar and the name of the member of staff it is to be forwarded to clearly stated at the start of the email. Please note that this may mean the email is not received by the teacher before a particular lesson.

Urgent matters

To discuss more urgent or serious matters, including an overview of your child’s experience at school, you should contact the Pastoral Hub by email or phone. The ‘Hub’ will decide the most appropriate person to deal with any issue. The Assistant Pastoral Managers, who are non-teaching members of staff, will keep the Pastoral Manager and senior staff informed and will arrange direct contact if required. The relevant contact details are also available from the school office.

Contacting the Senior Leadership Team

Should you have a particularly serious, or whole school matter of concern, you may wish to contact a member of the Senior Leadership Team. An outline of the responsibilities of the SLT is available on the school website via the parent area and members of the SLT should be emailed via the office email.

NOTE: SLT members will decide if they are the best person to deal with the concern and may refer it to another member of staff as deemed appropriate.

Staff routinely inform the Principal and SLT of on-going concerns raised by parents. This also enables effective quality assurance to take place.

Response time

This will depend on the nature of the concern. We aim to reply to routine emails from parents and carers (and other correspondence, whenever possible) within 48 hours – two working days.

Code of Behaviour

Redmoor staff act as role models to our students and therefore are expected to act at all times in a courteous and polite way. The school also expects this high standard of behaviour when staff are communicating with parents and carers.

The overwhelming majority of parents and carers are also polite and courteous when communicating with staff. On occasion, however, behaviour towards staff is unacceptable. Please do not take your frustrations out on the staff as staff will end the dialogue and report their concerns to their line manager. Thankfully, such occasions are EXTREMELY rare – but are taken very seriously.

Communication Guide
Main Reception Telephone Number: 01455 230731

Reporting absence
Please report any absences by contacting the school. If contacting us via telephone, please ensure a clear message is left with your child’s name and tutor group and reason for absence.

Alternatively, a message can be sent via Parent mail before the beginning of the school day but no later than 9.30 am.Please direct your message to our Attendance Team.

Medical appointments should be notified in advance wherever possible.
Absence request forms are available on our website (under Parents section) and must be completed in advance of any planned absence.

Enquiries about progress in a subject area
stating pupil’s name, subject and member of staff
or send a letter addressed to the member of staff concerned

Enquiries about progress in several subjects
Contact the student’s tutor via email: stating student’s name, tutor group and name of the tutor
or send a letter addressed to the form tutor

Planned medical appointments
Contact the student’s tutor via email: stating student’s name, tutor group and name of the tutor
or send a letter addressed to the form tutor

More urgent and/or serious concerns
Please contact the Head of Year via email: or telephone: 01455 230731