redmoor_proofs_010715-1373Safety at Redmoor

At Redmoor Academy, students’ safety and well-being are our paramount concern. As a school we work exceptionally hard to ensure that at all times, all pupils feel safe.

We have created a safe, calm and structured environment which enables students to feel valued and access learning in a secure, welcoming setting.
We endeavour to ensure that our students feel safe at school, travelling to and from school, at home as well as in a variety of situations, including e safety.

We equip them with the skills and knowledge to be able to effectively assess risk and keep themselves and others safe.

Students feel and act safely knowing that safety issues are recognised, understood and dealt with effectively by staff.

All concerns, including parental worries, are taken seriously, investigated and appropriate action taken.

To support our embedded work on safety, we regularly participate in a variety of activities to raise awareness of events and situations. These sessions often incorporate the involvement of specialist safety units.

Student Survey 2015 indicated that the vast majority of students feel safe and have the skills and knowledge to stay safe.
Areas where some students indicated they would like additional information are being addressed through the Personal Development sessions, designated assemblies, specialist Integrated learning Days and the involvement of outside agencies.