I have to take any medicine

Medicines or tablets that have to be taken during the school day must be given in at Student Reception, labelled clearly with the student’s name / tutor group and dosage, together with the letter of authority from the parent / carer, a copy of which can be obtained from the Student Reception.

I have lost/forgotten my locker key

Go to Student Reception as soon as possible. It is your responsibility to remember your locker key every day. It will cost £5 if you need us to order you a replacement key.

I have no money/credit for food

Speak to your tutor, or go to Student Reception.

I have lost something

Retrace your steps. If not found ask at Student Reception or the PE department for PE kit.

I don’t feel well or get hurt

You should go to Student Reception if you are not well enough to be in school. The First Aid team will also be available for emergencies.

I have a personal problem that I want to talk about

Speak to any member of staff you feel able to discuss it with or ask to see the school nurse.