Teaching and learning sits at the centre of everything we do at Redmoor Academy. We believe that the learning of our students is underpinned by a knowledge rich curriculum, which is varied and broad in its content and skills, delivered by highly trained teachers whose subject expertise instills enthusiasm throughout the learning environment.

The learning of our students is further underpinned by our support staff, who through their own expertise ensure our students’ progress. We see our students as individuals and recognise that within the classroom, different students require different strategies for success.

Encompassing this is our belief that all students should be challenged to realise their full potential. This section of the website hopes to explain how we decide on the best learning strategies and the research that supports this. It also explains what our children experience during lessons and why they receive the homework they do.

We hope that it helps you understand what happens in our lessons at  Redmoor, what you should be seeing when your child discusses their classwork and homework with you and how you can support your child further.