What parents think about us

Your comments about Redmoor

“My daughter is very happy at Redmoor, thanks!”

“I fully enjoyed meeting my child’s teachers and finding out how well he is doing.”

“I am so, so happy with how my child has come on leaps and bounds at Redmoor. All of her teachers that I have met today are excellent, what an amazing school!”

“My son has only been here two weeks and we are absolutely thrilled with how he has settled in. A fantastic school, we couldn’t be more pleased.”

“Fantastic school, I’m glad we chose it.”

“I have been delighted with my son’s teachers who have proven to be enthusiastic and caring.”

“A very good school with opportunities for all.”

“My son’s transition from KS3 to KS4 was very well managed.”

“My daughter is progressing well and growing in confidence. Thank you!”

“An absolutely fantastic school which I would highly recommend to other parents.”


You said – We did

You said “There are issues with the consistency of the behaviour management policy.”

We did – We have reviewed the behaviour management policy and ensured that every student understands the consequences of poor behaviour. Teachers are able to use the policy confidently – issuing and setting detentions where necessary and rewarding positive behaviour.

You said “We would like to be able to view my child’s progress against national averages and expectations.”

We did – In line with new government policy, we will no longer be using National Curriculum levels to monitor student progress. Instead, we are introducing a new ‘Pathways’ system which will enable parents to see how their child is progressing towards their GCSE target grade – allowing for more comparison to local and national averages.

You said “I feel my daughter does not receive enough homework.”

We did – As a school we are committed to providing students with relevant, engaging and challenging homework which consolidates the learning which has taken place in the classroom. We have introduced a new homework policy which allows students to make a note of homework in a way which suits them and we are looking into a new service which would provide parents with homework notifications – allowing them to keep track of their child’s workload at home.