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At Redmoor Academy we believe that all students and staff have the right to feel safe at school and have the right to work in a friendly, encouraging, secure, supportive and positive school environment.

Positive behaviour, effort and achievement is rewarded through House Points. The ‘Consequences’ system serves to make students aware of any poor behaviour, modify it and to make amends where necessary. In doing so, not only are we teaching our students that disruption to learning will not be tolerated but also that, in life, there are consequences to our actions or poor decision making.

Redmoor Academy uses a phased approach to deal with the varying levels of poor behaviour.

A phased approach:
Phase 1

In class, the subject teacher uses the behaviour consequences to encourage students to modify their behaviour.

In the first instance, a warning is given and the student’s name is written on the board. If the student’s behaviour does not improve then the consequences are logged on the electronic register system: SIMS, and appropriate detentions are set by the subject teacher.

Phase 2

If no improvement in lessons takes place then the student will be placed on subject report.

The Head of Department will be informed when a student is put on subject report. The Head of Department will discuss the report with the student in the first instance and check in with the classroom teacher and student regularly to check for improvement.

A Head of Department detention may be set at this point depending on the severity of the behaviour.

Phase 3

If there is no improvement in lessons or the student is becoming disruptive in a number of lessons then the student will be placed on Tutor report (on SIMS). Tutors will conduct daily checks on SIMS for the number of consequences issued to their tutees and issue a detention for any students regularly receiving C1s or C2s. In this way we hope to tackle low-level disruption by students who push the boundaries but stop just before getting a C3 detention with the subject teacher.

Parents will be informed by the tutor (via telephone or email) if their child is put on tutor report and the tutor will contact parents/carers in 1 or 2 weeks time to discuss the report and decide if further intervention is needed.

Phase 4

If there is still no improvement in the student’s behaviour or there has been a serious incident the Year Manager will manage the student and will put them on Year Manager report and/or put in extra support, sanctions, interventions.

Phase 5

For serious incidents or where a student’s behaviour is deemed to put themselves or others at risk the Senior Leadership Team will decide on the appropriate sanction. This may include: placing a student in isolation, issuing a fixed-term exclusion or looking for alternative provision for the student.

For more information regarding Behaviour and Discipline in schools 2016 – Department of Education, please click here.