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Year 8 Poem

Luke Stevenson and Leah Mistry in year 8 wrote the following poem about the upcoming election, brilliant work!
The 8th of June,
A date when we debate,
A time for politics,
We’ll discuss the country’s fate.
A ruling party will be decided,
The most popular will come through,
All the votes will be counted,
It’s all down to you.
Corbyn is raging,
May stays cool,
Boris calls Jez a mugwump,
They’re like kids at school!

The 8th of June,

A date when we debate,
A time for politics,
Who’ll decide the country’s fate?
By Luke Stevenson and Leah Mistry (Year 8)

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KS4 Photography Work


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KS3 Artwork


Fine Art and Photography WorkCvtSp8EWYAATx4m

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Year 7 English – Best and Worst Days of the Holiday

The Worst Day of the Holidays

It’s Friday. As I wake up, I realise that it’s the seemingly never-ending holidays. So there’s no school (which is a good thing I suppose) but then it hits me;the excruciating thought that we’re going camping this weekend! With that being said, I violently drew my curtains, pulled on some clothes and we were on our way.

Hell. the car journey is hell. All you can hear are birds chirping a merry rhythm;all you want is for them to shut up, especially when you’re in a mood like mine! I’m dreading tonight.

Thankfully, the tents are all put up and I didn’t have to help (which was the one good thing that happened ALL day) although, there was a very valid reason for that. You see, I was helping put up the first tent then (being the fool that he is) my brother,Jakob, let go of a rope, which rebounded a heavy,metal pole right into the centre of my face – causing the tent to fall down. So me and Jakob were left to our own devices.

It’s a nightmare, an utter nightmare. In the middle of the night a mass storm broke out and the heavens, well-and-truly, opened – causing the tent to flood. It was manic. Everyone rushed out of their tent and under a gazebo. I had no sleep. So the following morning we packed everything away and left he campsite.

Liam Warren – Year 7

My Best and Worst Day

I knew the day would be excruciatingly warm from the moment I woke up. Powerful beams of bright light squeezed their way through the miniscule gaps in between my blinds and pushed itself past the pink, fabric curtains. Lazily, I heaved my body out of bed and put on my clothes: a pair of leggings; a loose-fitting t-shirt; faded socks and brightly coloured trainers.  We were going to Rutland Water to ride our bikes.

After a quick breakfast, we were on our way. But first, we had to take mum to work.  After one hour and a half of driving, we arrived at Rutland water. Majestic rays of intense sunlight blasted down onto the deep, blue lake. There was a small amount of breeze that slowly pushed about the leaves on the trees, above where we parked the car, causing them to rustle soothingly.

Next, we rented three mountain bikes: mine was green; Dad’s was black and my brother Harrison’s was red. We studied the map, deciding to take the shorter route; it was seventeen miles long!

The first part was a one mile stretch of uneven, bumpy terrain. At that point, I realised that this could be one of the hardest things I would ever do. After that, we came out at a car park. It was floored with stones that made it difficult to ride my bike on. Not knowing where to go, we searched for a map or pointer. Eventually, we spotted a signpost and me and dad raced towards it. I hit a stone and did a front flip like one of the BMX riders but not landing as well or getting the height. I landed on my back with the bike on top of me. Pain tingled through my right thigh and the back of my neck. Rolling over I pushed my bike off me and stood up, dusting white, chalk-like substance of my back. My thigh felt ok and- trying to be brave- we continued on our journey.

A narrow path beside a busy A-road was the next part of our journey. The road forked left and we headed down a country lane. On each side, there were tall bushes adorned with flowers made up of delicate coloured petals. After staying on that path for a few miles, we reached a village. It had a church and a few small houses. We cycled through the village and for about another mile until we reached a bridge there was a winding path that we rode up, hoping that it would lead us to our midway stopping point where we could eat lour picnic lunch. Legs burning, we walked the bikes up some massive hills and rode down them at great speed. On one of the large hills, there was a sharp bend causing Harrison to lose control of his bike. He crashed into a tree, wedging his bike in a fence! Unlike me, he cried a lot after the incident. The path then came to a T-junction and we turned left onto a concrete road that led us to the Horse and Jockey, a pub. We ate our picnic on the grass in front. It consisted of melted cheese sandwiches and cake.

We continued our journey- down winding lanes, up great hills and around sharp corners. With six miles to go, we encountered a couple of picturesque forests. I wouldn’t have been surprised if a tiny fairy with tiny wings flew by me. It was beautiful!

I am unable to put into words how relieved I was when we stopped back at the car and returned the bikes. What hard work!

Samantha Martin – Year 7

My Best Day

Early on a blazing hot Saturday morning, I awoke eager to start the day. I got ready faster than the speed of light so at 9:30am my family and I were already halfway to our destination. We arrived just as it opened and I felt so excited; we were at Flambards theme park in Cornwall!

Luckily, we didn’t have to wait that long to check in and pay – this was probably because we’d arrived before most people. As soon as we’d had our hands stamped to prove we’d paid, we walked into the theme park and straight away queued up for a ride. Fortunately, we only had to wait for a couple of minutes (hardly anyone was there yet) and then we got onto the ride. It was called The Hornet and was quite fast. However, after the ride had come to a stop, the worst part of the day came: sun cream!!!

After the dreadful putting-on of sun cream, I went on lots more rides including: the Cyclocopters and lots more (which I can’t remember the names of). Then, me and my dad went on the Sky Raker which goes up and then a sudden drop down and I loved it! Another ride was extremely fast (the Sky Swinger) and it felt like I was going to tip upside down!

After we had been on many fabulous rides, we fetched our tasty picnic from the now swelteringly hot car and found a dainty but lovely spot of grass to eat it on. It tasted absolutely delicious and luckily my parents treated me to an ice-cream from the ice-cream van. Next, we played a game of mini golf but it wasn’t very fun. After we had played a slightly boring game of mini golf on the broken mini golf sight, we strolled through the hectic theme park and spent another couple of hours on the rollercoasters. At the end of the day when the rides were closing, we walked to the gift shop and I bought a few things. Then, we went back to the car and drove home. It was my best day of the holidays!

Katie Graham – Year 7

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