Do we hold the information we need if there was an emergency with your child?

It is vital that you use SIMS Parent to check and make any necessary changes to the information we currently hold about you and your child. The MEDICAL information, PARENT CONTACT information and CONSENT information is what information we provide to trip leaders during REC Week and any other trips and visits throughout the school year. It is important to remember to remove out of date medical information to prevent us from placing restrictions on students that may no longer be necessary. 

This includes consent for pictures of students to be used on our website and social media. During REC week we use such images to keep you informed of what exciting activities the students are experiencing. 

This information is used to protect and safeguard your child whilst in our care. 

As an Academy, we use SIMS Parent to carry out our legal duty of collecting and maintaining students’ and parents’ information. We have chosen this option to ensure we are protecting your data.

There have been some changes made to the app so when you log in the appearance will be slightly different, however, the contents will be the same. The changes will allow you to amend all details relating to your child and their contacts

Our admin team is in the process of sending out registration emails, containing a registration link and invitation code, to all parents that have not yet created a SIMS Parent account. This will be sent to your personal email and will be from Capita SIMS ( If you cannot find this email, please check your junk mail and ensure it has not been marked as SPAM. 

To ensure the Data Collection is completed correctly, please refer to this helpful guide.

Further guidance on how to access SIMS Parent can also be found here. 

Should you wish to speak to someone about the above please email or phone 01455 230731.