The Hinckley Foodbank Christmas Calendar Collection at Redmoor Academy

This year we are collating, organising and delivering these 24 Christmas Calendar items as a collection for our local charity ‘The Hinckley Foodbank’. Each year group has a focus of various items to bring in as donations to support our local families throughout the festive period. As of  Monday 28th November until Friday 16th December students can bring in donations and take them to the food room, they will be awarded with ‘Acts of Kindness’ house points for their efforts. The school will then be delivering our collection to the Hinckley Food Bank.

Year 7:


UHT Milk

Cake Bars





Year 8:

Kids Bubble Bath

Tinned Tomatoes

UHT Juice

Tinned Fish

Sponge Puddings 


Year 9:

Christmas Savoury Treats

Pasta snacks- e.g: pot noodle

Selection Boxes

Tinned Vegetables

Ladies Toiletries


Year 10:


Tinned Fruit

Tinned Rice Pudding

40 Teabags

Mens Toiletries


Year 11:


Dried Potatoes 

Stuffing Mix


Mens/Ladies Toiletries